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The epaulette trend is back

The new trend of the moment is not displeasing to us. XXL shoulder pads for worked and stylized looks. A very 80s spirit, which reinforces the girl power and attitude elegance in no time.

This summer, like this winter, shoulder pads will be everywhere . We will wear them as an evening dress, a chic blazer or a simple basic t-shirt. What is certain is that they bring a retro couture touch that we love to wear.

So, how to adopt the epaulette trend ? Where do the famous shoulder pads that we see everywhere come from? And above all, how to wear shoulder pads for a successful look?

Where did the shoulder pad trend come from?

It was in Japan, in the 12th century, that the epaulette originates from the traditional costumes of warriors. The Samurai then wore what is called the Kamishimo on their kimino. This garment had the particularity of having a very distinguished line of shoulder pads.

Later, in the 1940s, shoulder pads would be associated with men's clothing and the cut of wartime uniforms.

Finally, with the fashion of the 80s, they will be a real success with the fairer sex. The Power Shoulder is the hallmark of the eighties years . A fashion trend that empowers women. Volume, colors, and stylized designer shoulders for ultra-trendy shouldered looks in this decade.

Since last year, shoulder pads have been everywhere. Brought up to date by fashion designers who largely surfed on the 80s in their fashion collections, shoulder pads come to shamelessly elegantly dress women's wardrobes.

Jackets, blazers, dresses, tops and t-shirts, the trend is taking over almost all of our wardrobes. We even see the shoulder pad as a fashion accessory that we add or remove at will.

Why do we love the shoulder pad trend?

The shoulder pad trend , it's the couture touch of the moment. Easy to adopt, it brings style to any outfit.

Feminine silhouettes take on allure and stature with straight, square or puffy shoulder pads. In short, we love this trend.

Suddenly, an epaulette piece comes upgraded any rather basic look.

A mark of character, a symbol of femininity and power, shoulder pads have different strings to their bows and seduce more and more women every day.

The crush from the editorial:the dress with floral shoulder pads in a rock chic or romantic version.

How to adopt the shoulder pad trend in your wardrobe?

Evening dress with voluminous sleeves

In the 80s, it was the prom dress young women. With glitter or in a glitter version , the evening dress took on the appearance of mini dresses with sublime volume at the shoulders. Today, this ultra sexy cut is still all the rage.

Sequin, laminate or traditional black dress, all trends are good to mix with the evening dress with shoulder pads .

Epaulet blazer

Emblem of this trend, XXL blazers now take on height with their raised shoulders.

Belt for a trendy look and a touch working girl, the shouldered blazer can also be worn casual chic. You can adopt it at the office, in the evening, on a basic white t-shirt and with jeans, it's very simple, it goes with everything.

The crush from the editorial:wear a women's jacket with shoulder pads nude on a casual look , with a basic white t-shirt and mom jeans .

Asymmetrical top with shoulder pads

No need to have both shoulders sublimated for a sharp look. On the contrary, if there is a feminine and chic outfit, it is the one shoulder with shoulder pads.

Apparent skin on one side and oversized volume on the other, the haute-couture spirit is more present than ever.

The shoulder pad t-shirt

This is one of the basics you absolutely must have in your wardrobe this summer, the shoulder pad t-shirt!

The crush from the editorial:wear the t-shirt with white shoulder pads with high-waisted black dress pants. And belted for an eighty version!

The coat with shoulder pads

It will be everywhere this winter, the coat with shoulder pads invites itself on straight and wide cuts to offer an increasingly worked silhouette.

In summary:

For a trendy look this year, here's how to wear shoulder pads:

  • In a mini evening dress.
  • On an XXL blazer for a masculine/feminine look .
  • As a basic top to dress up a casual look.
  • On one shoulder, for an ultra-feminine 80s spirit.
  • On your coats for a businesswoman look.