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7 tips for girls to have a nice chest

The chest is one of the most important parts of our female body. But between the effects of age, pregnancies, breastfeeding, sport etc. our seductive asset is often abused and our breasts lose firmness and tone. It is one of the worst nightmares of women:the chest falls. Because yes, every woman dreams of having a firm chest and tense! But are there really miracle solutions?

How to have beautiful breasts without surgery? How to keep a beautiful breast after childbirth? So many easy tips and tricks to put in place to have the chest you've always dreamed of!

7 tips to have a nice chest naturally

Sleep on your back

Many specialists attest that sleeping on your back is the best position to avoid many ailments. Not only will this position prevent pain in the neck and head, but it will allow you to get a nice chest .

Indeed, positions that crush the chest (on the stomach and on the side) cut off circulation and therefore your chest breathes less well.

Hydrate your skin

Hydrating the skin is a daily gesture that you absolutely must take into account in your daily life. In the same way that you moisturize your body, your legs and your waxed areas, your breasts require special attention. Regular use of an oil or moisturizer will firm andpreserve your bust .

Run your chest under cold water

To have beautiful, naturally firm breasts , end your shower with a jet of cold water! Yes, you can sometimes be lazy and it's not always pleasant to end your daily shower on a cold touch. However, cold water will stimulate your blood circulation and tighten your skin. Your chest will be firmer and more beautiful!

Massage your breasts

It is well known that chest massages are good for your health. Self-massage helps sculpt the shape of the breasts by making them firmer and more toned. The blood circulates better which is good for the tissues and for the skin. The general appearance will only be improved! The ideal is to perform a massage of a few minutes just after performing your shower of cold water on your chest.

Self-massage should be part of your daily life and even during certain stages of your life. For example, it's a great way to keep a beautiful chest during pregnancy after giving birth or breastfeeding.

Wear a suitable bra

The chest, whether large or small, requires special support. Be careful when choosing your underwear! We often tend to favor aesthetics in terms of lingerie, but we must not forget the maintenance. Try to find sexy bras that combine comfort and support. In the same way, when you play sports it is absolutely essential to choose a suitable bra and even more so if you have a large chest .

Play sports

Sport in general helps to keep you healthy. But be aware that there are specific exercises to firm up your breasts .

Here is a simple workout to do at home:sit on a chair, bend your elbows and squeeze your palms together, then relax. Repeat this exercise every day for daily firming.

Choose activities that promote upper body circulation such as swimming, pilates or yoga.

Stand up straight

Back pain is the evil of the century. Know that by adopting a good posture, you can avoid a lot of damage to your back and your chest.

Standing up straight will definitely improve the overall appearance of your breasts. Also remember to tuck in your stomach for abs!

Adapt your diet

You may have never asked yourself the question and yet! Are there foods to eat to have a nice chest ?

Certain foods rich in estrogen and amino acids are known to make the chest fuller. This is particularly the case with soybeans, fennel, cabbage, parsley, avocado.

In summary:

To have a beautiful bust and firm breasts, follow our advice. These few innocuous gestures are very simple to perform and you will quickly see the first results. Here's how:

  • Moisturize your breasts with cream or oil.
  • At the end of each shower, hold a jet of cold water on your breasts for one minute to firm them.
  • Massage your breasts to sculpt their shape and promote good circulation.
  • Be careful when choosing your lingerie by opting for underwear that supports the breasts well.
  • Practice specific exercises to firm up breast fat.
  • Adapt your posture to promote good posture.
  • If you want to increase the size of your breasts, try eating foods full of estrogen.