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Mistakes not to make when doing your eyebrows

Have you ever stood in front of your mirror with the odd feeling that something was wrong with your eyebrows? We don't tell you how many times we got angry over it between girls in the editorial office and for good reason! We are for being beautiful naturally, but having eyebrows on top and which really highlight our beauty. That's why we're going to give you some tips that will change your life.

Eyebrows from A to Z

Sometimes your dream brows aren't exactly what you want. It's all about harmony in the face and you have to find what to bet on:

  • Mistake number one is leaving holes. Nothing is less aesthetic than sparse eyebrows. Great evils, great means! Your first mission will be to cover them up with Couleur Caramel's perfect organic eye kit that we slipped into the May box. The advantage is that it offers three shades of eyeshadow that adapt to both brunettes and blondes. The second step is based on regrowth thanks to castor oil.

  • Second false good idea, choosing the wrong color. If you're blonde, you're less likely to make a beauty faux pas because you can afford some variations from blonde to light brown. If you are brunette or redhead, do not try to darken your eyebrows too much because they will make you look severe. Similarly, if they are too light, they will inflict a pale complexion on you. The best is definitely to match the color to that of your hair.

  • The third blunder is miscalculating its cost over length. Too close together, your eyebrows will make you look gruntly, while if you shorten them too much, your face will desperately lack expression. The best tip is therefore that of the pencil to determine the start and end of the line.

  • Last mistake:choosing an eyebrow style that doesn't suit you. It may look pretty on another girl, but transposing it on yourself is not always a great idea. Try to keep your curve as natural as possible or cheat when necessary. Above all, do not make lines that are too harsh, for example, as this will make your face look severe.