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Aloe vera gel, your best ally this summer!

You have probably noticed, among all the good things in this month's box, we find organic aloe vera gel. Aloe vera is a plant that we hear a lot about in the organic and even conventional cosmetics industry. But what do we really know about this treasure of nature?

Aloe vera gel is produced from the juice of the plant of the same name, to which a natural gelling agent is added. It has many properties:moisturizing, soothing, healing, astringent, repairing, it is appreciated by all hair types and all skin types. This summer it will be your essential thanks to all the uses you can make of it. Be careful to always keep it cool, in your fridge, in order to preserve its qualities for as long as possible.

  • Aftersun of choice:Sunburn is common in July and August. To calm your burns and allow good healing, apply cool gel to which you will add 2 to 3 drops of spike lavender essential oil on the sensitized areas. Do not hesitate to apply it whenever the need arises.

  • Hair gel:I don't know about you, but personally in summer I don't like to take time getting ready. What if you only styled your hair with aloe vera gel? For girls with wavy/curly or curly hair, in addition to bringing the necessary hydration to your nature, it will make you gain definition, all without weighing it down. For the straightest hair, it will tame frizz and electric hair. Bonus:at the beach, for the most flirtatious, a few small presses will make your beach waves even prettier.

  • A refreshing serum:in summer we like to reduce our routine and recommend fresh products. What's better than the feeling of aloe vera gel after your daily cleanse? Moisturizing and with a tightening effect, it is appreciated by all skin types. I recommend it in particular to problem skin, who will appreciate this neutral and healing product.

  • A restorative hair treatment:the sun, chlorine and the sea damage our manes. It is therefore essential that you pamper them once every two weeks so that you do not have too much hair to cut at the start of the school year. My favorite treatment? A mixture of coconut oil (June box) and aloe vera gel. Hydrated, nourished and shiny hair is on the way!

  • A moisturizing mask:always with the aim of taking care of your beauty capital in the face of our summer habits, do not hesitate to do a little care for your face as well, especially if it is often exposed. Two teaspoons of aloe vera gel, two teaspoons of honey, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes to smooth and unify the weather and to prevent post-summer pigment spots.

So convinced of the virtues of aloe vera gel? Adopt it this summer and you will be convinced for the rest of the year.

See you soon,