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5 good habits to prevent sagging skin

At the origin of supple and plump skin, elastin and collagen. However, from the age of 20, the levels of elastin and collagen gradually decline. In question ? Fibroblasts, which determine the amount of collagen and elastin needed for firm, toned skin. Over time, they are fewer and fewer and less and less alert. Nothing dramatic in itself, but sagging skin can be unsightly. Do these droopy features annoy you? Do you want to prevent and combat sagging of the face effectively? Here are 5 good habits to adopt!

Strengthen the hydrolipidic film to prevent sagging skin

If the sagging skin is natural, it can happen more or less early, and more or less strongly, depending on your lifestyle . Certain factors actually promote slackening of the skin:exposure to the sun or daily pollution, a stressful lifestyle, an environment with extreme temperatures, etc.

Against all these attacks that accelerate skin slackening, the hydrolipidic film will more or less protect your skin . Made up of water and sebum, this thin film covers the skin and acts as a barrier to external and internal aggressions. But for it to hold up well, it needs to be maintained. How? 'Or' What ? By hydrating and nourishing the skin twice a day (morning and evening), with a water-rich moisturizer. Depending on your skin type, it should also be rich in lipids, especially if you have dry skin. Be careful, hydration also passes internally:you must therefore drink enough , on average 1.5 liters per day.

Practice facial gymnastics to redefine your features

Like our body, the face is made up of muscles that require regular work to stay toned. If sagging skin comes from a change in the composition of the tissues itself, it can also come from a lack of tone on certain areas of the face.

Thus, facial gymnastics can be a great help! To be practiced 5 to 10 minutes a day, facial gymnastics helps to tone the underused muscles, responsible for sagging face , especially on the cheeks and neck. The exercises will also allow you to stretch overworked muscles that have remained tense, causing certain expression lines, particularly present around the eyes or mouth.

After moisturizing your skin, perform your exercises every day (regularity is key). You can rely on an exercise book, or tutorials on YouTube:many skin experts have started on the subject!

Use targeted treatments to combat sagging face

To give you every chance of getting results in your fight against sagging skin , do not settle for a simple moisturizer. On a daily basis, use a cream with active ingredients that will tighten the skin. We think in particular of treatments enriched with collagen, or those that stimulate fibroblasts. Like our Pure Pulp Neo, which, thanks to its formula enriched with Centella Asiatica and Condurango bark extract , reactivates fibroblasts to naturally increase elastin and collagen levels. The skin plumps up, it regains its pretty features and reliefs.

To get the most out of your Pure Pulp Neo skincare , remember to vary the uses:it can be used as a daily moisturizer as well as a mask. All you have to do is apply it in thick layers and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then remove the excess with a paper tissue or a slightly damp wipe. You will be able to notice a real express youthful look.

Take care of your diet for toned skin

As you know, our skin is maintained with external treatments (cream, mask, massages) but also with internal treatments. That is to say, by drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, but also providing the skin with all the nutrients it needs through the power supply.

Thus, deficiencies in vitamins, minerals or trace elements can make the skin more fragile, duller, and more easily prone to slackening. Consuming a lot of alcohol, coffee, refined sugar or bad fats can also trigger inflammatory processes in the skin tissue. Its hydrolipidic film is thinned, the skin is left almost defenseless against the sun, pollution, tobacco…. And it's the catamaran!

So we put fruits, vegetables, oilseeds and fish on your plate, and you calm the game on very rich, very fatty dishes, and on guilty pleasures such as alcohol or coffee. A balanced diet will allow you to keep your skin young and firm, but also to prevent weight variations . Indeed, the fact of gaining weight, losing it, gaining it back... will require the skin to stretch then retract, it will therefore lose firmness, become distended, and this is what will lead to facial sagging .

Work in strategic areas to avoid the falling aspect

When you chat with someone, there are facial areas that we observe systematically, and other areas that we rarely take the time to analyze. So, if we scrutinize our own face down to the millimeter and find even the slightest dramatic imperfection, most people remain focused at the eye level. , even the forehead, and the contour of the face. Our circle of relatives will, for their part, let their gaze wander over the mouth and cheeks.

The best way to leave the impression of toned skin? Play strategic! Limit sagging skin on the eye area, since it is the one that gets the most attention. Our Eye Magic Lift, eye contour with massaging applicator brush, can thus allow you to redefine the eye contour. It will help to energize a droopy eyelid , or reduce bags under the eyes.

Then, work on the cheeks, the contour of the mouth, and the entire contour of the jawline to sculpt the lower face and tighten the features. To do so, by applying your Pure Pulp Neo , take the time to massage the contour of the mouth well to relax all the tensions. Continue with targeted exercises on the cheeks and jaw, to strengthen all the micro-muscles in this area which will be able to act in support of the tissues and limit skin slackening .