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Everything you need to know about facial yoga with Veld's

You must have heard of facial yoga! This practice with many benefits has developed in France in recent years. So what are the benefits of facial yoga? How and why do it? Can facial yoga be an anti-aging weapon? Veld's tells you everything you need to know about facial yoga.

What is facial yoga?

Facial yoga developed in Japan and the United States, before arriving in Great Britain and then in France. Culturally, French women are used to pampering their skin, but ultimately, not much by touching it, by massaging it. Thus, facial yoga combines massage, stretching exercises for the muscles of the face, work on acupressure points, and light muscle strengthening. The goal ? Relax the tensions that tense the face , and which can cause wrinkles. We will also fight against sagging skin by strengthening the muscles that hold the skin in place, and by strengthening specific areas:the eyelids, to prevent them from sagging, or the contour of the mouth, to avoid pleats.

What differentiates facial yoga from facial gymnastics is its holistic aspect . On the same principle as emotional cosmetics, facial yoga works as much on the moral as on the physical aspect. When you are relaxed, you are more radiant, your face is less tense, your wrinkles are less marked.

What are the benefits of facial yoga?

When practiced correctly, yoga has immediate effects on the beauty of the face . Wrinkles and signs of fatigue are reduced, features relaxed, the complexion brighter, the skin plumped up. Facial yoga can also have a preventive role, by limiting the appearance of new wrinkles, especially with regard to expression lines .

Finally, yoga aims to take a moment for yourself, in order to relax and refocus in the present moment. It would fight against the effects of stress on the skin:dull complexion, marked wrinkles, loss of firmness, appearance of imperfections. To you with a light heart and a radiant face!

How to get into facial yoga?

To get into facial yoga, some good practices are to be adopted. First of all, you should know that facial yoga is contraindicated for people with face or neck damage (bruxism, cervical hernia, etc.). If in doubt, talk to your doctor first.

Then, to get visible results, regularity is the key :practice yoga 5 minutes daily, and on days when you have time, 10 minutes. To avoid sensitizing the skin tissue, perform your facial yoga routine always after applying a moisturizer or vegetable oil. This will allow the fingers to glide smoothly over the skin, to avoid chafing. It is also the guarantee that the skin will not wrinkle, being too stretched with a level of hydration and nutrition that is too low.

Finally, the question arises:which exercises to practice and what are the good gestures? To accompany you and not make mistakes, do not hesitate to invest in a method book, or to watch several tutorials on Youtube. In France, Sylvie Lefranc is the figurehead of facial yoga, with a very detailed book and a YouTube channel with many videos. Can't wait to get started? Veld's offers you some exercises to work on frown lines, crow's feet, and wrinkles around the mouth.

Which exercises according to my needs?

Face yoga and frown lines

The lion's wrinkle is the one that appears between the two eyebrows, as if they were kept frowning. It gives a more severe look . To reduce frown lines, start by applying an anti-aging cream, like our Pure Pulp Neo Beauty Restoring Gel. Then, to stimulate the area and smooth the forehead, place the palms of your hands at the top of the forehead and gently stretch upward, while looking down. Hold this position for 5 seconds and repeat 2 times.

Now let's get to the heart of the matter:reduce frown lines! To do this, place two fingers at the outer tip of the eyebrows, pull them gently to the sides, as if you were trying to pull your eyebrows away from each other . Hold for ten seconds then release before repeating twice. Then place your thumbs on the brow heads and gently glide outward, maintaining light pressure. Repeat this ten times.

Face and eye contour yoga

To practice facial yoga on the eye area, start by moisturizing the skin. In this area, the skin tissue is thin and fragile , so use a treatment dedicated to the eye contour. Our Eye Magic eye contour treatment is ideal before facial yoga, thanks to its gel texture and applicator brush, which stimulates and relaxes the eye contour.

Once the eye area is hydrated, start by making eye movements left to right, then right to left, top to bottom, then bottom to top. Take the greatest amplitude possible during these movements, without forcing too much so as not to hurt yourself.

Then, on the same principle as for the frown line, place three fingers at the temples and stretch the skin backwards . You can lean on your thumbs at jaw level to be more comfortable. Hold the pressure for 5 seconds and release before starting again 5 times.

Face and lip contour yoga

To tone the lip contour with facial yoga, first massage the area with your moisturizer. Next, fill your cheeks with air putting the hand over the mouth to keep the air in the cheeks. Hold for 5 seconds, then repeat 5 times.

This exercise will not only tone the contour of the mouth, but also smooth the nasolabial fold. For the second exercise, tilt your head slightly back (gently and without forcing, so as not to hurt your neck). In this position, give a dozen "big kisses" to the sky to strengthen the contour of the mouth and plump up the lips.

There you go, you know everything you need to know to start in facial yoga. Keep in mind that to achieve visible and satisfying results, it is essential to pair facial yoga with a good skincare routine , adapted to your skin type. Also, pay particular attention to your lifestyle:good nights sleep, a varied and balanced diet and the practice of physical activity will help you keep a bright and youthful face!