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Pigment spots:how to remove brown spots?

Brown spots on the face, hands or décolleté are often considered unsightly because they are associated with aging. Do you have brown spots on your face and hands? Wondering how they appeared? Are you looking for solutions to remove dark spots? Here are Veld's tips.

Brown spots on the face:pigment spots, késako?

While dark spots are often called age spots, age is not the real cause. The appearance of brown spots on the face, on the hands and on the décolleté is due to an excessive production of melanin by the melanocytes . The spots begin to appear around their 40s, or even their 30s in some people.

What causes dark spots?

Dark spots are in most cases linked to overexposure to the sun . Either repeated and frequent exposures throughout your life, or too prolonged exposures. This is why the affected areas are often the most exposed to the sun:face, neck, décolleté, hands, but also sometimes the shoulders or upper back.

The color and fragility of the skin also come into play in the appearance of brown spots on the face or hands. Indeed, fair and relatively sensitive skin is often the most affected.

Finally, some brown spots are not linked to the sun, but to hormonal imbalances . We often see the appearance of spots during pregnancy or just after, we also speak of “pregnancy mask”. That being said, you may also notice the appearance of dark spots when menopause arrives, or simply when you change birth control pills.

Are dark spots dangerous?

Brown spots are not dangerous, they are just considered unsightly. However, if a stain seems isolated from the others, particularly stubborn despite anti-stain care, or if it has a more black, pinkish or gray color than the others, it may be wise to monitor it. Show it to your doctor or a dermatologist to check that it is not a melanoma .

How to remove brown spots?

To remove dark spots on the face , you should adapt your beauty routine. First of all, cleanse your skin morning and evening. After cleansing, gently exfoliate twice a week , which will clean up and reduce, or even eliminate, dark spots.

In parallel with regular exfoliations, the use of treatment treatments against pigment spots is essential. It is now found in the form of anti-brown spot creams, serums for concentrated action, or lotions to leave on overnight. If the treatments are not enough and do not seem powerful enough, aesthetic medicine is another possibility :pulsed light, pigment laser, phototherapy and depigmenting peeling are offered by many dermatological practices.

Finally, before any exposure to the sun, remember to apply sun care . Skin prone to brown spots is skin already weakened by the sun, and the more you expose yourself, the more the spots will appear. To protect yourself on a daily basis, do not hesitate to use moisturizing and anti-UV care, like our tinted cream Flash Protect .