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Natural hand care must have for 2022

Natural hand care must have for 2022

Winter is well and truly here, the temperatures are getting colder and the skin is put to the test. Taking more care of your skincare and hydration routine to protect your skin from external aggressions is vital. Thus, each year at this time, more care and creams are used so that the skin retains its suppleness and radiance.

Do you know that the hands are one of the first parts of the body to show signs of aging? Frequent hand washing, exposure to detergents and continuous exposure to the air, our hands are the most fragile since we perform most of our tasks with them.

It is for all these reasons that it is necessary to protect them, especially in these cold weather.

The natural care of the new year 2022 is hand and nail cream. More details on its ingredients below.

Natural ingredients for hand care

Whether you have dry skin or naturally oily skin, hydration is a must in everyone's skincare routine. Just like our body, the skin needs water. The water plumps up the skin, it avoids the cracks and furrows that make the hands suffer so much in winter.

A hand cream that combines water with nourishing active ingredients for a concentrate of nature is the winning recipe for winter.

For you, we have developed an authentic recipe with argan and sweet almond oil, glycerin, allantoin and aquaxyl. (Don't worry, the last two ingredients are completely natural despite their unusual names.)

The combination of all these elements is the basis of a cream that naturally soothes, moisturizes and restructures the skin. It also helps to protect the skin against external aggressions.

So you can use this wonderful cream at any time of the day, especially after washing your hands and very important, for the night, put on a thicker layer of it to allow your hands to be deeply nourished.

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A most original hand and nail cream

And you want to take a pretty tube out of your bag, discover this cream in an accessorized version . It has pretty decorations made with care and meticulousness by hand in Marrakech. Small pompoms, a nickel silver ring … all crafted with love:everything is cared for down to the smallest detail!

But beware, it's not just its outward appearance that is fabulous. So is its texture. Very pleasant to the touch without being greasy, it penetrates very quickly, leaves the hands nourished and supple and releases a perfumed veil behind it. This veil can be orange blossom, amber and musk or even almond tree petals among other scents.

Yes, when experts in French cosmetics of natural origin associate Moroccan craftsmanship with their products, this can only give wonderful results! Because did you know:behind Les Sens de Marrakech is a French designer surrounded by her French and Moroccan collaborators.

In any case, if you are a fan of softness and hydration, choose to include this hand and nail cream with argan oil in your daily routine. Your skin will thank you.