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We tested UFO, Foreo's connected mask

The principle.

UFO (UFO in VF, but in reality, it is the acronym of Ur Future Obsession =Your Future Obsession) is a rather unique tool in its genre:combined with a fabric mask (whose size is adapted to the tool), it allows you to obtain in 90 seconds the benefits of a mask that you would have left on for 15-20 minutes thanks to a technology that combines thermotherapy, LED, cryotherapy and sonic pulsations. It is available in 2 versions:the original and UFO mini, which is smaller and offers almost the same performance (less cryotherapy).

We tested.

The operation of UFO is quite simple (although the first time it is a bit overwhelming). You must first have downloaded the Foreo application on your smartphone (which also allows you to operate LUNA fofo). We launch it then we scan the barcode of the sheet mask that we have chosen (there are 7 of them, from the moisturizing mask to the eye contour mask through the anti-aging or mattifying mask, 5 of which are compatible with UFO mini ). The device communicates with the smartphone and loads the correct program. We position the microfiber mask on the device (we fix it thanks to the plastic ring, and it is better to position it correctly because otherwise it can get lost during the treatment!) then we launch the program from the smartphone . UFO is placed on the skin and rotational movements are performed on the skin. The device heats, cools, pulses… The duration of each step is different depending on the mask chosen. Anyway, it's very nice! We have the feeling of being at the spa, we relax and we enjoy. Regardless of the mask chosen, the program lasts 90 seconds, it's really fast. And we directly see the benefits (especially hydration) on the skin.


If you're not a big fan of fabric masks because the exposure time is too long (and you can't do much at the same time without risking it falling off), UFO should please you enormously:c is fast and super efficient. And its use is so pleasant that we even find ourselves wanting to make masks more often... If you already liked fabric masks, you will surely love the "spa" aspect of the device, in particular its heating and cooling action. In writing, we loved it. Only problem ? Its price, quite high when you know that the device is only compatible with Foreo microfiber masks.

UFO and UFO mini devices, Foreo, €279 and €179 (on sale on the Foreo website and at Sephora). Make my Day and Call it a Night masks, €9.99 for a pack of 7; H2O Overdose, Youth Junkie, Matte Maniac, Glow Addict and Shimmer Freak masks, €19.99 for a 6-pack.