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Hangers connected to Facebook

The famous ready-to-wear label is innovating by imagining electronic hangers connected to Facebook... With the number of "likes" on each outfit.

Hangers connected to Facebook

If you live in Brazil, you can now "like" clothes at C&A . The brand has just launched the "fashion like" operation, currently being tested in the brand's subsidiary in Sao Paulo.

The idea:link each hanger to Facebook, and submit each garment to the opinion of Internet users. The number of "likes" is instantly displayed on each outfit, thanks to a screen integrated into the hanger. An original idea and in tune with the times that allows you to move from e-commerce when buying in store and vice versa. An ultra-trendy way to encourage customers to buy products with a high popularity rating.

The brand also claims that nearly nine million Facebook users were affected during this 2.0 operation and that a large part of the "C&A fashion like" collection had been sold in one day. And the French then, when will they be able to "like" their favorite models?