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This week on the beautysphere #34

DIY:colored lip balms

They are made by melting organic coconut oil with children's wax crayons – also organic so as not to damage the lips. You can also add vitamin E as a preservative and an aromatic extract to give flavor. You get a little colored and scented lip balm that you keep with you everywhere. This is the super cool idea from Wild Beauty Child that we can't wait to try.

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The half-crown of braids

A super quick photo tutorial by Bleu Electrique:she braids herself on each side, with the strands just above the ears. Each braid is finished with an elastic. She joins the two at the nape of the neck and secures them with flat pliers to camouflage the elastics. We love the soft bohemian effect it gives to the face.

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Anti-stress tips

Angéline, from the blog Carnet Prune, reveals her little – effective – tips for fighting stress. In the evening before falling asleep, she perfumes her pillow with a soothing mist of essential oils of lavender, bergamot, mandarin, orange and geranium... She also takes real breaks during the day, during which she fills in her coloring book . This allows him to let go. Finally, she always drinks a "Lovely Night" infusion before going to bed. Since these little rituals, Angeline is better able to manage her stress. We gladly listen to his advice and apply it to evacuate negative thoughts.

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