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6 simple tips to know if your jewelry is real gold or not

Whether you are about to acquire a golden jewel by shopping or by inheritance, some tips can help you certify its preciousness. Because more and more in today's jewelry, the border between gold genuine and gold plated is very fine. Often, only an expert eye will be able to detect the true from the false. And in most cases, that can mean a fundamentally different amount of money. Ultra simple tips or infallible techniques… Here are all the secrets you need to know to distinguish real gold jewelery like a specialist!

Gold jewel:how to recognize it easily

  • With its hallmark

Rather distinctive sign to know than a real trick, the punch makes it possible to distinguish a gold jewel in a few seconds. Indeed, precious metal jewelry , like gold, are supposed to be marked with a signature (sort of small recess) called hallmark , whose shape corresponds to the percentage of gold present in the jewel studied. The punch usually comes in the shape of a diamond with a number written inside. However, it can also take another form like an eagle for 18 carat gold, or a shell for 14 carat gold, but also a clover for 9 carat gold.

Be careful though, vintage jewels reworked by specialists can be relieved of punches, so we do not hesitate to use another technique before getting rid of our precious jewel (or not).

  • With its color or weight

In the same vein, the color of your golden jewel can lead you to a first track. If it is very golden almost yellow, it is often toc or gold plated. Secondly, the weight of your jewelry can also be a good indicator:often real gold jewelry is "heavier" than gold plated .

Gold jewelry:how to recognize it using ultra-simple techniques

  • The magnet technique to recognize gold

Here is probably the easiest technique to perform to recognize a gold jewel . To do this, simply take a magnet and bring it close to your precious jewel. Real gold, not being a magnetic material, should not be attracted to the magnet. If so, you will have the ultimate proof that your necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings are not gold.

  • The bleach technique to know if a jewel is real gold

Longer trick but just as unstoppable:that of bleach. To perform it, simply fill a small bowl or container with bleach and let your jewel soak in it all day. If it shows signs of oxidation, it is not gold.

  • The ceramic technique to recognize gold jewelry

For this new test, you need a ceramic object that you do not want. You will rub your jewel against the ceramic surface, if it leaves black marks, it is not real gold .

  • The rag technique to recognize if a jewel is real gold

Bring a polishing cloth specially designed for gold (to be obtained in jewelry stores) then rub your jewel. If the latter loses its color, it is not gold. On the contrary, a real gold jewel will shine more in contact with this magic cloth.