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5 x Why Every Woman Wants To Be A Little Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones :born in 1995 from a column. Since then she has conquered books and film country. Not to mention, our hearts. Her latest film (Bridget Jones' Baby ) draws full houses. Of course! Conclusion:we will continue to enjoy Britains even after Brexit best export product. Why are we so crazy about the British blonde?

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Me and Mrs. Jones:5 reasons we all love Bridget

For 20 years (!) Mrs. Jones to entertain us. Yet she is far from perfect. Or is it her weaknesses that make her so lovable? Anyway, many women and men can appreciate Bridget Jones. We had to think about it for a while, but here they are. Five reasons why you must love Bridget.

Reason 1:Bridget Jones is always himself

Perhaps the ultimate reason why everyone is secretly a little jealous of Bridget:she's so nice to herself. All the time. She looks at the world and herself with a good dose of humor. To get really hard every now and then. But, as Bridget would say:nothing a bottle of wine can't fix † An argument that I like to use myself 😉 . Bridget is, also very recognizable, still quite dissatisfied with all kinds of factors in her life. About her weight, for example. But also not so bad that she will leave the wine in front of it. It's a matter of prioritizing! Cheers, Bridge .

Reason 2:Bridget does what she wants

Apart from a healthy portion of humor, Bridget also has countless less healthy qualities. She smokes like a chimney and drinks wine like water in her bad times. She also tends to say everything that comes to her mind. But really everything – and uncensored. Her most used word is undoubtedly “F*ck”. Okay, few would envy her language. But drawing up your own rules, isn't that what we all want?

Reason 3: Her insecurities don't slow you down

Although you could also say that Bridget has both feet on the ground, she can also be so wonderfully naive. No matter how often her attempts to drastically change her life fail, Bridget remains hopeful. 'Give up' comes (unlike the word F*ck ) is not in her dictionary. She doesn't let her insecurities slow her down. And in that regard, many could learn a thing or two from Mrs. Jones.

Reason 4: Bridget always saves himself

Another trait to envy:Bridget's resilience. It doesn't matter what kind of situation you put Bridget Jones in, she'll get out of it. On a personal level, but also on a career level. Okay, sometimes it brings tears and even more F*cks. Or an above average embarrassing situation. But in the end everything always works out. Had to resign because of a slip with the boss? no problem. Stuck in a Thai prison? no problem. Get into bed with Mr. Handsome then extracts this Mister's DNA on TV for a paternity test… she does it.

Reason 5: Mister Jones

After all, he needs to be mentioned:the man in Bridget's life. Offe, the men, rather! Of course, it has been clear since the first part that Bridge is not short of male attention, despite her insecurities and madness. And what kind of men! In her latest film, she even expects a child from one of them. I can imagine that you are very curious if that will be okay, I now know the answer 😉 .

Since everything seems to be going well with Bridget, you don't really have to worry. The road to it is hilarious in any case. The beginning of the film and the end of it are especially wonderful and honest. The film breaks down a bit in the middle, but hey, everyone has a moment like that in their lives, don't they?

Bridge can at least still join the Loedermoeders:all moms who live life with a healthy dose of self-mockery 😉 .

Bridget Jones Omnibus

There is now also an omnibus from 'The Complete Diaries of Bridget Jones'. And when we say complete, we mean complete! Over 1000 pages (!) full of moving and hilarious diary notes. Since I only read in the evenings -after eleven- you can imagine that it takes a while before I'm at the end, but that doesn't matter. It is every chapter enjoying the recognizability.

Bridget the movie

Still unsure about the movie? I say don't! It may all be a bit older and have more wrinkles… it is recognizable 'as ever'. I say 'mustache some friends and have a nice evening at the cinema'. Do you want your husband with you? Do not! He will be the only male animal in the room. Talk about embarrassing situations. Helen Fielding's book Bridget Jones Baby, on which this film is based. is also available by the way!

Trailer  not seen yet?

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