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Glitter lips how to, I tried my best but it failed quite a bit

Gourgeous Glitter Lips, it's a mouthful. Literally and figuratively. I received a number of sets to make the most beautiful lips for New Year's Eve. Or for any other moment of course, but I don't see myself walking around with these glitter lips so much during the day, so I saved it for New Year's Eve. I thought.

If you follow my Instagram account, you may have already seen some of the glitter lips, if not… you can follow me here, nice if you take a look 😉 !

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Glitter lips, the trend continues

Glitter lips have been on social media for some time now, but more and more products are now being designed for it. Personally, I think it's pretty nice to look at, but there's one must… you have to have nice lips for it. After all, it attracts a lot of attention if you sprinkle your entire cake with glitter 😉 .

I have received a number of sets to make glitter lips. The first is a set from Make-up studio, called Gourgeous Glitter Lips.

Gourgeous Glitter Lips

I have now tried 3 times to apply the Gourgeous Glitter Lips, but all 3 times I have removed it again. It looks very nice on paper, but I personally don't like the gold variant (which I got) at all.

It all starts with applying the nude lipstick. A very sticky lipstick - of course handy because then the glitters stick better. But putting on the nude color makes me feel very uncomfortable. I feel so naked 😉 ! My lips have no color anymore and that looks very strange! Check it out.

Tip:Be careful with a nude color anyway… this color makes your teeth look yellower than they are because there is almost no contrast with your lips.

Then apply the glitter to make the glitter lips. It's not really difficult. You should not apply it too thin. I was a little careful at first, but that doesn't work. Then the glitter loses its shine and it is not pretty at all. So basically you just have to apply it a little thicker and go for it. You can see the most beautiful end result that I have been able to make with the nude color so far.

Secretly I would like to try the Pink Raspberry or the Red GL because they still contain 'a colour', the gold colored one, which will go in my basket until a moment to be determined. If you want to try it yourself… you can order them here.

Max factor in combination with Gourgeous Glitter lips

Now I have also made an attempt to work with a different color underneath. I put a Max Factor Lipfinity underneath. A lipstick that I am quite a fan of because this is the only one that really lasts all day for me. Processing the glitter suddenly becomes a lot more difficult, because this lipstick dries faster and so I have to be very quick with applying the glitter. With this as the end result. A lot better if I do say so myself… a bit of glitter lips with a 'normal' undertone. In any case, this prevents you from getting a bare butt face and so I dared to go out to dinner with my love.

Glitter lips with Jane Iredale

Also a set of lip gloss from Jane Iredale was on my doormat recently. A matter of speech of course, because our mailbox hangs on the wall, instead of in the front door, but go ahead. Jane Iredale's new Champagne on Ice Kit (what a great name!) doesn't look as glittery as the one from Make-up studio, but maybe that's a good thing for me.

In addition to the fact that this champagne line contains a little glitter for a beautiful shine, they have many other beautiful properties. The organic oils and extracts moisturize the lips and the lotus flower has a calming and soothing effect.

The 3 lipglosses that are in the set are:

  • You go to my head (glittering with a touch of gold)
  • Lovely Bubbles ((glitter, clear iridescent)
  • Lips on Crystal (fuchsia red with a hint of gold)

I tested all three colors for you, see the result below. I like the gold one the least (again), the lovely bubbles have a silvery look to them when you apply them a bit thicker and the Lips on Crystal is my absolute favourite.

I can't quite agree with the fact that the lip gloss would not be sticky .