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3 reasons to choose a Made In France T-Shirt

When the subject of Made In France is broached, the barrier to purchase is very often the price. Indeed, a French t-shirt is generally more expensive than a piece from elsewhere. However, foreign t-shirts are generally of poor quality, designed in deplorable conditions and the ecological impact is heavy! In order to make you understand the interest of buying French, we have gathered the 3 reasons to choose a Made In France T-shirt in this article.

1. Quality T-shirts

The t-shirts are ideal for the whole family:parents, children, teenagers, babies, etc. they are intergenerational. This top is perfect to bring a touch of youth and to highlight your personality . In addition, it is suitable for all body types and adapts perfectly to all looks. Today, you have a wide choice of models, in order to seduce the greatest number.

However, the quality of tee shirts is often overlooked. Indeed, a good number of them, present in the textile industry, come from countries such as China, India or Thailand. The advantage of these t-shirts is undoubtedly their price. Yes, but at what price ? And in what working condition ?

In other words, in order not to endorse this kind of practice, nothing better than to bet on quality and French clothing . This way, you can be sure that the working conditions are excellent and that the remuneration and recognition are fair.

Choosing quality Made in France t-shirts means choosing clothes that are both trendy and high-end. Indeed, you should know that Made in France combines style, adapted materials and excellent tailoring in one and the same place. Thus, Made In France allows us to offer you an excellent design, far from ordinary brands that give the impression of cloning.

2. Strict regulations for an attractive product

Contrary to what some people might think, Made In France is much more than a simple label on a piece of fabric. Especially since France is recognized worldwide for its fashion creations , but above all, for the quality of the fabric, the nobility of materials, etc. Made In France is therefore a criterion of very high quality.

And for good reason, the standards of our beautiful country are particularly demanding. In order to comply with the standards, French companies must comply with the directives imposed in order to be able to display the Made In France logo. One of the main regulations is the choice of textile, because it must comply with all safety standards. But before that, the manufacturing methods must go through the compliance process. For this, each tissue sample will be subject to controls. In particular:its resistance to washing, the measurements, the robustness of the material, etc.

3. Promotion of French know-how

By buying a Made In France T-shirt, you will have the opportunity to support French industry. To some extent, this will stimulate production and companies will be able to increase their activities and the number of jobs. Choosing French products also means supporting the local economy. In addition, it is a way to enhance the know-how of local artisans.

Why choose Achel t-shirts by Lemahieu?

For its house brand or those with which they collaborate, the Lemahieu factory, in Saint-André-Lez-Lille in Hauts-de-France, manufactures quality French clothing, respecting the work of the men and women who make the products:clothing and underwear Made In France, responsible, fair trade and ecological.

To sum up

Now that you know the 3 reasons to choose a Made In France t-shirt, here is a short summary of the commitments you will make:

  • Economical:product durability, giving meaning to your purchases
  • Ecological:reduce your environmental impact;
  • Responsible:fight against ephemeral collections, promote the French economy, preserve jobs.