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Focus on a strong trend:women's Chelsea boots

How about we talk a bit about back to school? With the onset of cold and gray weather, it's almost time to bring out our little urban and chic shoes to go to the office.

If there's one timeless pair you'll need again this year, it's the chelsea boots . The boot sometimes preppy, sometimes rock style.

It's the shoe that's easy and comfortable to wear and can be twisted according to your desires.

How to wear the women's chelsea boots for a trendy look this winter? Mes Habits Chéris explains everything about this trendy fall/winter shoe .

What are chelsea boots?

The chelsea boot is a low flat ankle boot with a round or slightly pointed tip depending on the model.

It is easily recognized because it has no laces and it has elastic on the sides. Like riding boots, they are first and foremost shoes from the field of horse riding.

It's a city shoe very elegant and comfortable.

The history of chelsea boots

Chelsea boots were created in the 19th century by Joseph Sparkers-Hall, an English shoemaker. The famous bootmaker decided one day to create a shoe that was comfortable and pleasant to wear, starting from a material that was still little used:rubber. This is the birth of the chelsea boots !

It is then worn by the British soldiers who are very numerous in Chelsea (hence the name of the boot). The mythical story of the ankle boot gained momentum when the Queen herself agreed to wear Chealsea boots. Mr Sparkers-Hall was the Queen's shoemaker at the time.

In the 1960s, Chelsea boots took a new turn and became the emblem of rock looks . Indeed, the Beatles fell in love with the model and decided to wear them for their concerts. It was enough for the English to seize the phenomenon.

Since then, the shoe has become a basic and a timeless item that we bring out every season.

Women's Chelsea boots:what to wear them with?

For a rock style

The rock style continues to seduce fashion enthusiasts. For several years now, the most basic clothing styles have incorporated rock pieces into their looks.

Among them, the perfecto is a real must-have that you can't live without. The leather skirt and black slims are also strong pieces of rock looks, just like the rock t-shirt that we wear with everything!

To perfect a rock look from head to toe and keep a good dose of femininity and elegance, the Chelsea boots are perfect.

The ankle boot is widely adopted in the women's wardrobe but also among men. It creates a sharp silhouette.

For an office style

If you are looking for a understated but smart outfit to go to the office , chelsea boots are perfect. Black slim cut above the ankle worn with an oversized cashmere sweater and voila.

Opt for slim or skinny cut pants and a rather basic top:a beautiful sailor top, a lace blouse, a cozy and warm sweater. In short, you are spoiled for choice.

For a preppy girl style

The Preppy style is the name given to the looks of BCBG students from the upper east side of the American east coast. If you're looking for an example, think Blair Warldorf in Gossip Girl or Harvard students in the 1950s.

Short plaid skirt, moccasins and fitted white shirt, this is the perfect style for the preppy girl .

Nowadays, the preppy style is still as trendy as ever and the chelsea boots are one of the key pieces of this style of clothing.

Chealsea black leather boots , black tights, short skirt and Peter Pan collar shirt, and you're elegant and chic from head to toe.

You can even pair your chelsea boots with an A-line dress or a black dress for a chic and refined look.

For a casual urban look

The ankle boot goes very well with the jeans! Raw jeans cut at the ankle in an ultra-skinny version are perfect for showcasing the Chelsea cut. We like to play between the chic material of leather boots and the casual version of denim. And it matches perfectly!!!

To complete this type of look, opt for an oversized 3/4 coat or an XXL sweater.

In reality, the chelsea boot goes with almost everything!! It gives a touch of elegance to any style of dress.

The very principle of the boot is to be close to the foot, out of the question of having misshapen jeans that would fall on the ankles.