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The Best Plunging Bob Haircut Ideas

The plunging bob is one of this year's biggest hair trends . Adopted by stars and many women, this hairstyle has many advantages and adapts to many styles. Plunging bob on mid-length hair, on short hair, asymmetrical plunging bob, on straight or curly hair, the possibilities are endless! Follow our advice to find the ideal plunging square for you, the one that will adapt to your face, your look and personality.

Dipping square for which face shape?

How to determine your face shape?

A wide or narrow forehead :A wide forehead can mean that you belongto the shape of oval faces or face in heart or even diamond, especially if the lower face ends in a point, with thin jaws. If your chin is pointed, with prominent cheekbones, you are probably a heart or diamond (or inverted triangle) face. If your cheekbones are thin, with a forehead the same width as the jaws, you have an oval face shape.

Cheekbones:The widest face shapes around the cheekbones usually belong to round faces, but the length of your face also comes into play. With a round face, the width and length measurements are basically equal.

Jaws and lower face:If your jaw is the widest part of your face, you have a square face shape or triangle. In the case of a square face, the width of the forehead, cheeks and jawline are almost equal. In the case of a triangle face, the jaws are the widest part of your face.

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What face shape is the plunging bob suitable for?

The plunging square adapts to your face if:you have a square, round or triangle face. But the plunging bob is the perfect haircut for a square face.

The plunging square is to be avoided if:if you have an oval face, thin and/or with a pointed chin with thin jaws, be careful the plunging square is not for you.

The ideal plunging bob for a square face

The plunging square fits many face shapes, but especially square or triangle faces , namely women who have well-marked jaws. The plunging bob haircut does indeed "shrink" the jawline and give an overall balance to the face. If you have a narrow forehead, you can opt for the plunging bob with a tapered wick that comes to your forehead. Beware of the bangs which tend to shorten the face and crush it downwards.

All styles for all women!

The plunging square can take on different styles and looks. From the plunging square curly hair , or wavy, passing by the one with bangs… or even the plunging square on degraded hair, short, mid-length or long! The possibilities are endless, it's up to you to choose your favorite among our inspirational photos.

Gradient plunging square

The degraded plunging square haircut is particularly modern and suitable if you want to give character to your hairstyle and look. A tapered lock dresses the forehead and rebalances faces that have strong jaws, which is the particularity of square or triangle faces.

Natural curly or curly

For those who want to adopt a natural, trendy and modern look at the same time, the plunging square with curly or curly hair is the best . Be careful, this hairstyle that seems messy actually requires a lot of maintenance. Your hair must be perfect, and your hair must be well nourished by treatments such as castor oil for example, exceptional for curly hair. Your tips should be flawless, simply because they swing around your face! Above all, you can't afford dry ends with a plunging bob, especially if it's short or mid-length .

You can make a nice ombre or tie-dye plunging square to highlight your waves or curls.


Women who wanted an original haircut, the plunging asymmetrical bob is made for you ! Be careful, however, to have the look you need for this, your dress must be charismatic enough to support a hairstyle like this!

With fringe

The plunging square with bangs is very trendy and wonderfully highlights the look. Be careful, however, not to make it too big if you have a long nose, or too long if you want your face to appear thinner. Indeed, the bangs tend to widen the face, which is perfect for oval faces, but not necessarily round or square faces.

Square or round faces will prefer plunging squares with side bangs , which is more like a wick and less crushes the face downward. Oval or long and thin faces will be able to adopt the square with the straight and thick bangs very well. .

Dipping bob for all hair colors

The plunging bob highlights hair colors and highlights very well, here is our selection of the most beautiful plunging bobs for brunettes, blondes and redheads.

Wavy or smooth brown plunging square

Thesmooth brown bob cut gives an ultra-trendy Cleopatra side, while the wavy bob on brown hair will give your look a lot of pep.

The plunging bob on blonde hair

On blonde women, the plunging square is ultra feminine and chic at the same time. If you choose it wavy, it will be even more glamorous! If you choose it smooth it will give you a lot of elegance and a little Parisian look. Also dare to adopt the ash color with your plunging bob.

Here are some inspirations for smooth and wavy or curly blonde plunging bobs.

What hair accessories to wear with the square?

You can spice up your plunging bob haircut with some cute accessories such as the crown of flowers, the tiara or the hair comb. For the wavy version it will give a nice boho look, to combine with a bohemian dress to perfect your look.

The ideal plunging bob for fine hair

If there is a haircut to increase the volume of fine hair, it is the plunging square. Especially if it is wavy or curly, this hairstyle will give your hair a lot of thickness so don't deprive yourself of it!

What hair length?

Short plunging square

The plunging short bob cut is a cut on short hair that remains ultra feminine. You can wear it asymmetrically to give character to your look or with big jewels, like big earrings which harmonize very well with this kind of hairstyle.

Mid-long plunging

The mid-length plunging bob is the trendiest one right now. It combines great femininity, without being too glamorous. It adapts to many clothing styles:city, casual, boho etc...

How to maintain your plunging bob?

The plunging bob is not the easiest hairstyle to maintain . But the effort you put into your dipping bob will mostly depend on the effect you're looking for. The geometric and refined style of the smooth and mid-length plunging square tends to keep its structure well over the long term, and if it becomes long it is also very pretty. If, on the other hand, you have a very short square that stops at the cheekbone or the jawline, as soon as it passes under the jawline, it completely changes style and needs to be quickly recut.

To maintain this level of perfection, schedule a trim every six to eight weeks. You can also opt for a looser and more layered plunging square with more irregular thicknesses in order to save a little more time between visits to the hairdresser. Anyway, it is imperative to take good care of your hair with oils, and to take good care of your ends.

You now have all the weapons in hand to obtain the perfect ladies plunging bob. And on the men's side, what are the trends of the year in terms of hairstyles? Discover the best men's hairstyles here.

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