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Solid care and zero waste in the bathroom

What if for Christmas we all switched to solid cosmetics? It's a proven fact, it's been the big trend for a few years and brands have multiplied.

We are all looking for the little extra gesture to do our part in the fight against global warming. And as we say so well, there is no small gesture, if everyone gets involved, we can make things happen faster. And precisely the bathroom is the ideal place for the zero waste game.

Solid cosmetics are therefore quietly settling into our daily lives to the delight of the planet, our health, and also our wallet. In addition, we find them easily and why not make them ourselves?

But how do we get rid of plastic bottles and bottles, drawers full of disposable wipes, cotton balls and cotton swabs?

Now we can replace everything:we find solid soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and deodorant ! They have the same effect as the liquid solutions to which we are accustomed, and are used more slowly and necessarily become more economical. You can also replace the cotton pads, with a washable format for example.

With solid cosmetics, it will be even easier to favor made in France and the right ingredients. The ingredients are handpicked and the companies are on a human scale, respectful of working conditions. Moreover, the products are very often made by hand.

This is precisely the case of Saisons Stories , which offer, among other things, a wide choice of shampoos, solid soaps and also a lotion.

Soap Stories is a young Franco-English company specializing in the production of natural and organic soap. Savon Stories ensures its traditional production of organic soap through two manufacturing workshops, one in London and one in Provence.

The brand offers a body balm formulated without water and based on 8 active ingredients including shea butter, cocoa, kokum, mango. Rich in protective antioxidants, repairing micronutrients, hydrating fatty acids and powerful regenerating essential oils. The format is surprising at first, but you quickly get caught up in the game.

And you, what is your zero waste gesture in your bathroom?

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