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5 reasons to fall for verbena floral water

At Belle au Naturel, we love to think outside the box and present cosmetics in accordance with our ethical charter. To change from the must-have and already popular waters of rose, chamomile, cornflower or even orange blossom, we decided to turn this month to the floral water of wild verbena otherwise known as verbena officinalis. But be careful, do not confuse it with its cousin lemon verbena and its characteristic lemony scent because they do not have the same virtues. We are going to take a closer look at the 5 reasons that, in our opinion, make it a care not to be sulked.

Vervain officinalis:a sacred plant

It was particularly prized during Antiquity because it was given magical properties, just that. Nowadays, it is found in the composition of certain cosmetics, but not often in the form of hydrosol. Yet this plant is beneficial in many ways:

  • By applying it all over the face, it provides protection to the skin thanks to its immunostimulating qualities. It is a perfect treatment to fight against external pollution for example and you kill two birds with one stone by also getting rid of impurities.

  • It has significant anti-inflammatory properties. If you tend to have very sensitive skin, blotchy type or prone to acne, it will be your ally to soothe burning sensations, tightness and reduce redness. It will also facilitate healing.

  • After your evening make-up removal and before your day cream or moisturizing gel in the morning, wipe a cotton pad soaked in wild verbena floral water will give you softer and refreshed skin.

  • One of the beneficial effects of this plant is its toning action on the tissues. You can therefore combine it with your anti-aging cream or mix it with powders and treatments that stimulate hair growth.

  • She can finally show a certain interest in your personal well-being when you have a headache, a toothache or you are under mild stress.

With everything we've told you about her, we're sure you won't leave her out. It's up to you now from us what makes you fall in love with her. Leave us your impressions.