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Strengthen your immune system in the fall:our tips

When the seasons change, our body yo-yos and the immune defenses are weaker. Why are we vulnerable to seasonal changes? How to strengthen your immune system ? How to avoid cold snaps in the first chills? Here are Veld's tips.

Weak immune defences:why are we vulnerable to seasonal changes?

For the past few weeks, summer has given way to autumn, but also to the first viruses! Who says change of season often says weak immune defenses . Thus, at the end of September – beginning of October, it is not uncommon to see a first wave of colds, nasopharyngitis, and other ENT disorders arrive. And of course, we would like to escape it!

To protect yourself from viruses and boost your natural defenses, you must first understand why our immune defenses are weaker. The first explanation simply relies on temperature changes :for several weeks, we alternate days at 25 degrees, 10 degrees, 14 degrees… And we have a hard time adapting. It is easy to be surprised by the cold, and without being sufficiently covered, it is a cold guaranteed.

Then, when winter arrives, allergens to which our body had become accustomed during the hot season disappear, and give way to a whole new group of allergens. Our body takes time to get used to, responds in some cases with allergic reflexes, which mobilize our immune system .

At the same time, all the viruses "on hold" during the hot season are proliferating again. If you are in contact with these viruses, while your immune defenses are weaker as a result of allergies, you have a good chance of falling ill yourself.

Our tips for natural immune reinforcement

Take care of yourself first

Many factors weaken our natural defences:stress , lack of sleep , exposure to pollution, too much or too little weight. For a natural immune reinforcement, the first reflex is therefore to take good care of yourself, despite the start of the school year, work, and all the activities of everyday life.

Sleep at least 8 hours a night, and try to maintain a regular sleep pattern . Stay hydrated throughout the day and adopt the most balanced diet possible. To manage stress and keep your body toned, opt for regular physical activity !

A healthy lifestyle will help your immune system to be more resistant. In addition, sleep, sport, and diet are the magic combo to be beautiful naturally!

Strengthen your immune system with plants

For a natural immune reinforcement, bet on plants! Many of them help boost your natural defenses. Plants like ginger or cinnamon can be consumed as an infusion, or fresh in various recipes, as soon as the first coldness arrives.

Supplements like grapefruit seed extract , to be taken in drops in your drink every morning, help prevent and treat ENT diseases. Grapefruit seed extract is effective against over 800 bacteria and viruses! Of course, for such effectiveness, it is necessary to follow the dosage exactly.

To strengthen your immune system with plants, essential oils are also very effective. In particular the essential oil of Ravintsara, which allows to boost the immune defenses . You can take a drop of oil diluted in honey, or apply two drops in the palm of your wrist, every morning during the change of season. You can also impregnate a handkerchief with it to breathe several times during the day, to protect yourself from germs present in the air.

Foods to strengthen your immune system

In general, a balanced diet, which meets your nutritional needs without deficiencies or excesses, is the key to a top immune system. Of course, when autumn arrives, certain foods are indicated to strengthen the immune system. Foods rich in vitamins and prebiotics such as banana, asparagus, leek, kiwi or citrus fruits are ideal. We also bet on dairy products and eggs to fill up with vitamin A, on lemon, kale and peppers, to fill up with vitamin C.

You now know all our tips for being in great shape when autumn arrives! Of course, to avoid getting sick, remember to wash your hands well several times a day, avoid touching your face too frequently, and stay away from sick people around you. If despite everything, you fall ill, consider consulting a doctor if the symptoms persist for more than 5 days, without improvement.