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Tip of the day:hide your roots between two colors

It's already been three weeks, and yet you feel like you went to the hairdresser two days ago. The roots are starting to show and you want to wait a bit before the next color? Luckily, today there is an easy-to-use product that hides the roots for the day:colored dry shampoo.

There are several brands today:Bumble &Bumble, Dessange or even Batiste. These are really tinted formulas (unlike Klorane's Oat Milk Dry Shampoo) which act like a dry shampoo, while depositing blond or brown pigments on the fiber. To ensure a long hold, we style our hair first, apply a tiny bit of wax to the roots and spray on the tinted spray. Finally, let it dry. We are careful to protect the clothes well, because it stains!

To properly hide the roots, we also think of trying hairstyles such as braided buns, twists or crown braids. They give style and in addition to the tinted spray, they hide the roots very well!

A Bit Blondish and A Tint of Brown Bumble &Bumble:€45 at Sephora

Batiste Blonde or Brunette Dry Shampoo:€5.45 at Monoprix

Dessange Radiance Retouching Dry Shampoo:€6.90 (recommended retail price) in supermarkets