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Ginger:6 excellent reasons to bring it back into your life!

Antioxidant, energizing and anti-inflammatory, you might think that ginger is the essential ally for a perfect life... Well it is! This plant,originally from India , is best known for its culinary use, but much less in our daily lives. If we often hear that ginger is an aphrodisiac , we know less about its impact on our health and our energy in general.

Ginger:health, beauty, sex, what are the benefits of ginger?

Besides helping our digestive system to be better, it also has anti-cancer properties! Even better, it helps fight vomiting and other nausea (especially during pregnancy), even in very small doses. Nothing could be simpler:infuse a small slice of fresh ginger in lemon water , or some capsule of pure extract is ingested. Goodbye tummy aches and hello glowing!

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