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This is how you look good in jeans

Let's face it, finding your ideal pair of jeans can feel like trying to find your soulmate on a dating site – too many options and too few quality choices. But just like in love, if you know what you're looking for, it's easier to find "the one". Here are the rules to follow when finding, wearing and styling your denim.

Go for thick materials and thick stitching

When it comes to looking great in your jeans, finding a quality pair is half the battle. Look for thick stitching around seams, pockets and side panels that indicates seams won't pull or split under stress. Also keep an eye out for heavier fabrics and well-constructed buttons and zippers, which are a sign that your baby blues will last and will fit you better. (Thin denim is often the first to rip around your crotch or knee.)

Follow the law of proportionality

Look, we think you're perfect just the way it is, but there's always a ratio game you can play if there's something about your body you want to draw attention to, or get rid of. If your plump thighs are making you cringe, grab a bootcut pair that elongates your figure. Self-conscious about wide hips? Go for straight or slightly flared legs that make them visually slimmer. On the short side? A fitted, cropped pair makes you look taller. Does your belly need a little lift? A high-waisted pair gives the illusion of just that. In short: think of the proportions you are trying to achieve and the cut or style that will get you there the fastest.

Go for a little stretch

Remember what we said about thicker materials? It's still OK for jeans to be a little stretchy if you want a more form-fitting look that shows off your gorgeous curves. The only rule of thumb? Go for styles with no more than 2 percent Lycra or Spandex to make sure they don't break in the wash...or are tight enough to give you a visible slip line.

Buy the same pair in multiple washes

If it works, it works. So don't try to scour the stores for a commendable pair if you've already found it. If there's a specific brand and cut that suits you, make sure you get it in a few different washes and save yourself the stress!

But when in doubt, go for a darker wash

When it comes to denim that gives slimming effects, dark washes will always save the day. Deep indigos, charcoal gray and black jeans immediately create a seamless look and also look more professional. For that matter, steer clear of blur that only shows up on the buttocks or thighs – this acts as a spotlight for that exact area, which may not be your goal.

Add heels…

Love them or hate them, high heels always take things to a new level. The right pair will not only elongate your legs, but will instantly brighten up your whole look. Cropped, wide-leg and bootcut styles always look particularly good with a heel. (Ankle-length skinnys are better off with a flat shoe or a boot.)

Focus on the fit, not the length

Hiring an expert may seem like a big leap, but we promise you the return will be worth it. Your local tailor can make those overlong but seriously flattering wide legs your new go-to. The only warning? A good tailor can always help with length, but rarely with fit – meaning you should buy something that fits around the hips and thighs, but don't worry if it's a little too long. Another tip: take the shoes you wear the most to the tailor. That way, he or she can customize your jeans with them in mind.