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The bag trends 2021 from handmade to larger than life bag

What woman doesn't like handbags? Do you also love bags? Discover the bag trends 2021 now from handmade to larger than life bag

A bag as the ultimate and functional accessory for every woman

I believe most women love bags. It's the same with bags as with shoes:you can't have enough. Because let's face it:a handbag is not only a trendy accessory, it is also very handy. We women put all kinds of things in our bag. Unfortunately, every now and then you have to say goodbye to a bag, simply because it is really no longer possible. Or because the bag is just really gone.

The bag trends 2021 from handmade to larger than life bag

Fortunately, that is not so bad, you have another valid reason to purchase a new bag. And if you're already at it:look especially at the prevailing trends. That way you have a fashionable accessory that is also functional. Incidentally, you do not have to be limited by a certain trend. It is important that the bag matches your wishes. For example, I bought a very nice bag at Brandfield. And because I have a young adult daughter, I immediately selected a beautiful bag for her as a gift.

Below you will discover all handbag trends 2021. These trends vary quite a bit, so that every woman can find a bag to her taste.

1. Back to the '90s retro design handbags

It's no surprise, a lot of trends from the 90s are making a comeback this year. You can see that with sneakers, for example. As far as the handbag is concerned, you will encounter the 90s retro designs with an upgrade. Think of handbags in half moon shape:simple and at the same time very chic, such as the Prada bag. Incidentally, this bag is a big hit among Instagrammers. There is a good chance that this will be the it bag 2021. With a neutral color, this bag is here to stay for years to come.

2. Handmade with love

Good news for everyone who is handy and creative:this year your homemade bag can be seen! Get started and knit a nice bag or get behind the sewing machine and get started with quilts. You can't think of it that crazy or you can be seen with it. Pimp the bag with golden details or a long shoulder strap and you are ready to go out with your trendy accessory.

3. Fringes and Feathers

We see this trend mainly in the first months of 2021, such as winter and spring. Bags with fringes and feathers provide a playful element. Plus, it's a nod to the 1970s when this trend was all the rage. As a true fashionista, you naturally know how to give it your own twist. That way you make your bag the real eye-catcher of your outfit.

4. Mini bags

Do you like simple and above all functional? Then this 2021 bag trend is really something for you. With a mini bag in which there is room for the essentials (think of keys, money card and perhaps your telephone) you will get through the day. The bags are slightly smaller than clutches and available in the most diverse designs. Think of a hip bag, a bag suitable to attach to your chain or a bag that you simply carry in your hand like a clutch.

5. Unique bags with a special design

Are you one of not a thousand in a dozen? Are you looking for something that sets you apart from the rest while still being trendy and hip? Then scour the internet for a bag with a unique design. That can be a large and striking or just a handbag. It is important that the design is different and unique. A bag you cannot ignore, with which you can be seen.

6. Tie Dye bags

It was the trend in 2020:everything was tie-dyed. Since we can't say goodbye to this trend yet, it continues in our bags. A beautiful color gradient or different colors that flow into each other:such a bag is unique and an eye-catcher in itself. Combine these with the right outfit and you are guaranteed to attract attention.

7. Functional bags in 2021

If the whole situation has taught us one thing, it is the fact that things should above all be functional. This has not gone unnoticed by the great designers. They come up with practical designs that are really useful (or not). Take your drinking bottle with you in a bag designed by a designer. Or choose a bag that you can easily and quickly attach to your belt. Ideal when you go out for a long walk through the woods.

8. Larger than life

We're busy:from work to the gym (when it's open) and then a nice dinner with our partner. If these activities require a different outfit. Fortunately, that is not a problem, because with a large larger than life bag you can take everything with you without any problems.

Bags that look a bit like a weekend bag, but are just a bit hipper. You can take almost all of your belongings with you. Ideal if you're out and about all day and evening, but don't want to wear the same outfit all day. Choose a bag with a chunky gold link chain or a crocodile design.

9. Comeback of the saddle bag

If you really can't make a choice or can't see the forest for the trees, there is always one bag that you must have, namely the saddle bag. A bag that looks a lot like a crossbody bag, with the difference that the bag has a flap that sits over the bag. You wear it just like a crossbody bag over your shoulders.

Which bag trend 2021 appeals to you most?