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How to wear khaki this summer?

Even though it's 2020, some preconceptions remain... The color khaki is a color that is often associated with men's wardrobes. It is the color of the army and the air force, so women find it difficult to opt for this yet feminine and refined color. A successful look with a khaki color is a question of dosage and common sense. By choosing the right fashion pieces and betting on the right combinations, you will get a 100% feminine trendy look with khaki !But thenhow to wear khaki ? What are the khaki fashion pieces to adopt urgently for a trendy look this summer ? Mes Habits Chéris explains everything about this color.

Which khaki fashion pieces to choose?

In the collective spirit, the color khaki is rather reserved for the male wardrobe. However, khaki is a very trendy color and the perfect color for a casual trendy style feminine.

So how to feminize this color and find the right fashion pieces for a trendy look?

The khaki jacket

If you are looking for a jacket that goes with everything and elegantly dresses up a casual style , opt for a khaki jacket . In denim, cotton, bomber, military or oversize , the khaki jacket is a very trendy jacket this year.

You can choose a unique piece, opting for a khaki jacket with rhinestones or embroidery. This style of jacket immediately brings a rock touch to your outfits.


Khaki shirt dress

The shirt dress is one of the essential pieces this summer. With its traveler spirit, it is perfect for a chic ethnic look.


The khaki jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is one of the must-haves of the female wardrobe. Its khaki version is very trendy for a casual look relaxed.


The khaki parka

The perfect jacket for mid-season,the khaki parka continues to seduce fashionistas around the world. It's the light jacket that you put on jeans and a basic white top to give style to your outfit.


The khaki shirt

The khaki shirt is a very easy-to-match fashion piece.

  • It goes with jeans, black or white.
  • We twist it according to our desires.
  • It's perfect for an office outfit or a casual day outfit.

If you are looking for a rather chic one, opt for a light and fluid fabric or a khaki satin shirt .


Good color combinations with khaki

  • Khaki + black

If you want a chic touch for your outfit, twist your khaki garment with black . Black immediately adds a touch of elegance to your outfits.

  • Khaki + natural materials

Khaki is a natural color that takes us back to nature. It is therefore perfect for mixing subtly with all natural materials:rope, lace, hemp, etc.

  • Khaki + white or cream

In summer, to brighten up a look with khaki, we wear white or cream!!

For example, you can wear high-waisted khaki shorts with a white lace blouse or a little white cotton tank top! Simple and effective!!

  • Khaki + gold

The warm shade of gold goes particularly well with the color khaki.

  • Khaki + prints

Mix khaki with a print is a winning duo.

Flowers, ethnic or geometric prints, animal prints etc. A very interesting mix to feminize an outfit.

All the prints seem to go perfectly with the khaki.

  • Khaki + leather

Mistakes not to do with the color khaki

  • Wear colors that don't go with khaki at all:brown; red or electric blue for example.
  • Choosing shoes that are too masculine (Doc Martens, black converse, black sneakers)
  • Combine khaki with another shade of green.