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Moonstone jewelry between trends, symbols and virtues

Got moonstone jewelry? Behind these semi-precious stones, a whole symbolism honoring the feminine, its emotional and physical characteristics. Mineral, they are characterized by their white to transparent color, tinged with blue reflections. This gem invokes the moon, this star twinkling in the dark, which reassures us, whatever one may say. This fashion accessory in appearance, contains spiritual beliefs since the dawn of time. In the West, these talismans have passed through all eras:from Antiquity to the present day, passing through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In necklaces, rings or earrings, moonstone jewelry are indeed timeless. We deliver to you, without further ado, all the virtues associated with this jewel, bohemian fashion accessory and customizable.

The virtues of moonstone jewelry

Moonstones are said to have psychological, spiritual and physical healing properties . Some act on the emotion, while the others impact the body.

Psychological and spiritual virtues

Moonstone acts mainly on so-called feminine qualities , which are tenderness, gentleness, harmony and tolerance.

For women, yin, i.e. the feminine side, makes you more sensitive than men. By sensitive, we mean:feeling, accepting, imagining, creating relationships and tempering moods, however frantic and impulsive they may be. This reconciling power would serve broken hearts, torn souls, angry beings.

Other psychic virtues are attributed to moonstones , which connect us to the cosmos, invite us to travel and plunge us into our deepest dreams. Without doubt, it should be seen as a way to facilitate decision-making to transform our unconscious into conscious.

Physical virtues

Worn mainly by women, these mystical jewels and in particular the moonstone ring would relieve female disorders such as hormonal imbalances, menstruation and menopause. Also, it would help fertility, lactation and protect pregnancy and childbirth. During the full moon, this milky white crystal symbolizes fertility and fidelity. It would then stimulate the eroticism of couples and contribute to marital happiness. The stone also bears the other name of hecatolite, designating Hecate, Greek lunar goddess and guarantor of fertility.

All these beliefs appreciated in the West, also in India and Sri Lanka, should be taken with a grain of salt. If only aesthetic reasons motivate you, then go to the next step.

Genuine fashion accessories

An array of gems

These silicates, for some almost translucent , are still extracted today in the United States, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and even in France (from Haute-Vienne to Hérault). In crystals, in aggregated grains or in raw or polished pieces, moonstones have a variable aesthetic. Not just in shape, but also in color:these gems come in blue, gray to orange hues.

Two varieties, "cat's eye" and "star", seem rarer to find , than the classic stones with a pearly white tone. The first is dazzling, with a transverse and undulating reflection. The second, of great beauty, gives the impression of an encrusted star, with brilliant reflections.

A luminous jewel to wear

As a necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring, the gem reveals all its beauty in contact with cold metals. Prefer silver or white gold, which also recall the nocturnal and celestial star.

Do you have a bohemian or hippie look? Moonstones are ideal for dressing up your long, flowing, printed or lace outfits .

Used as a long necklace, this piece of jewelery goes easily with long floral dresses, midi skirts and trendy blouses. These gems have been a huge success, to ennoble and illuminate Art Nouveau style decorations. The floral patterns go perfectly with the crystals; predominant motifs in hippie culture. Notice to travellers, these protective stones would reduce the risk of accidents. Use them to give a boho touch to your globe-trotting look at the same time. As a pendant worn on the chest, you will light up all eyes.

Thislucky accessory is finally a much appreciated gift . Moreover, there is no need to wait for your friends' lily-of-the-valley weddings to offer them a moonstone adornment. Traditionally, this jewel would be offered to the thirteenth year of marriage, as if to reduce the bad luck of the number 13.

It's up to you to choose the color, the shine of the stone, its grain and its shape. Enjoying the beauty of this piece of jewelry but not being able to pair it with your look? Then offer it to your bohemian-style friends, or as a nod to frequent travellers. These mystical stones reassure, whatever the associated virtue (to the body or the spirit).