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Top trendy men's hairstyles and haircuts in 2019

The world of men's hairstyles has been revolutionized in recent years and men's haircuts are changing to become ever more modern, more stylized and more and more structured.

What are the trends of the year 2019 in terms of men's haircuts ? Which hairstyle is right for you?

Discover in our article the top men's cuts to adopt this year!

Vintage haircuts

You've probably seen it everywhere:retro is fashionable. Whether in our wardrobes or in decoration, the retro style continues to inspire avant-garde styles around the world.

This trend has not escaped the world of hairdressing and men's hairstyles 2019 want to be vintage and contemporary! So if you want to be at the forefront of fashion and make these ladies crack, here are the main trends of vintage haircuts to follow:

The classic undercut

You do not dare to take the plunge and dare the vintage cut? The 2019 men's haircut what you need might be this one:try the Classic Undercut , a safe bet for modern times.

His style is sharp but easy to achieve. It is a cut with a very clean and very classy finish. Short hair on the side and well defined demarcation with length on top.

The Pompadour cut!

It takes its name from the time of Louis XV and is none other than the name of the king's mistress:Madame de Pompadour. Perfect for a modern and contemporary men's haircut , it is suitable for most faces.

Its impeccable and rebellious style will seduce you. It gives a manly image, a definitely stylish look and adapts perfectly to wearing a beard.

For a Pompadour cut successful, your hair must be carefully combed back while keeping volume on the front, the forehead remaining clear. Its profile is impeccable and plays the success of this much appreciated cut.

The disconnected undercut

Always defined by short sides and a long height on the top of the head, the disconnected undercut man cut or disconnected undercut is traditional but innovative. Formerly preferred by the military during the 20th century, it is now modernized for a more contemporary version.

The parting is distinct and clearly delineates the top of the skull to the flanks . It gives a style of its own that is much appreciated by women.

The Comb Over cut

This vintage cut made Hollywood a success in the 1950s. It is back in the limelight this year, having been adopted by public figures, hipsters and other hairdressing professionals.

If you suffer from baldness then this haircut is for you . Indeed, it is very appreciated for its ability to camouflage hair loss in men.

His style consists of folding the hair on one side of the head, slightly or fully covering the skull. Then the hair is worked on the top using professional wax.

Short cuts

The Buzz Cut

Another simple hairstyle to achieve for an ultra-trendy short men's haircut in 2019 :The Buzz Cut.

The perfect Buzz Cut combines very short hair while keeping different lengths. If you have an oval, round or angular face, it will suit you perfectly. It is a very manly cut and of course very easy to maintain.

There are many variations of this cut. The most common being the shaved buzz cut.

The faded buzz cut

Alternative to the classic Buzz Cut, the gradient buzz cut as its name suggests involves a gradient on the sides. This cut is often easier to adopt for all faces.

The French Crop

This hairstyle will seduce you with the low maintenance it requires. This is a degraded men's hairstyle trendy and modern at the same time, it draws its inspiration from the famous Roman emperor Julius Caesar.

If you like short hair but don't want to have to work on your cut every morning to get a precise style then this cut might be for you. It gives a fresh and refined style without being extravagant and too showy.

The cut is intended to be short with a gradient on the sides and a small fringe which completes the top of the hair to add style and charm. The bangs can vary according to your desires, the length of your hair, the shape of the face so do not hesitate to take stock with your barber or your hairdresser who will be able to advise you best.

The side parting

For a sophisticated men's hairstyle , the parting on the side is perfect.

Very trendy this year, it requires maintenance with texturizing products.

The hair should be slightly shorter on the side so that we can work the mass well on top. We give a strict effect and a very "perfect son-in-law" style with this style of cut.

Finally, we don't forget our dear Jon Snow, hero of Game of Thrones and his ultra stylish curly haircut!

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