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Hands and lips, how to protect them well from the cold?

The Seasonal Transitions affects our daily life as much as our body. The cold arrives and our body begins to feel it, the skin dries out, feels tight, cracks... quickly it must be hydrated!!! Our hands and lips are the ones that suffer first. Indeed, the skin tissue is much thinner on these areas. They are more quickly exposed to thermal shocks and attacks than the rest of our body.


Cold, wind, dry air due to heating... the skin of the lips is very thin and suffers a lot from these changes in temperature and environment. To prevent them from cracking or if it's already too late, to repair them, nothing like a lip balm.

But which natural ingredients for an effective lip balm?

Like all the other treatments in our beauty ritual, the lip balm contains preponderant active ingredients with well-defined objectives. Repairing, plumping, moisturizing... we are as spoiled for choice as when buying a lipstick. To provide the necessary care for our lips, here are some key active ingredients to revive your smile:

  • Organic jojoba oil:this liquid natural wax rebalances and nourishes the skin
  • organic cocoa butter:with its delicious smell, it repairs and comforts the skin
  • organic apricot oil:it nourishes and protects the skin from dehydration

These organic active ingredients mentioned will moisturize and nourish the lips to restore their suppleness and softness. Other natural ingredients can quite provide a satisfactory result (shea butter, treasures of the hive...) It will depend on your tastes and your objectives for the balm.

And then since taking care of your lips does not prevent you from being flirtatious, there are repairing balms that make gloss at the same time. Products that care for the lips and contain all the essential ingredients to keep pretty lips even in winter, while leaving a glossy effect.


Like the lips, the skin on the hands is very thin. The cold, household products, frequent washing with hard water, nothing like to damage them and dry them out. It must therefore be fed and for that the organic beeswax is a very effective ingredient to soothe and protect your little ones from external aggressions and the effects of time.

To have "Queen's Hands" with the treasures of the hive, the brand Folies Royales offers us its treatments as beautiful as organic. With healthy and organic formulations, we have the choice to take care of our pretty hands.

And since taking care of yourself does not prevent taking care of our planet, by buying their product, you will be doing something for the environment and you will be sponsoring 5 wild bees and one m2 of floral biodiversity.

Labeled by Cosmebio, this hand treatment guarantees you:

- 98% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

- 95% of the total plant ingredients are from organic farming

- 16% of the total ingredients are from biological agriculture.

- No animal testing

Deb' from Dark Beauty and Mummy Blog