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How to support equal rights for men and women?

They are our everyday heroines . Mothers, wives and sisters who love us unconditionally. Friends, lovers and colleagues who regularly support us. They assume great roles, great positions, great responsibilities. Source of inspiration, courage and strength, they are the cornerstone of our lives always. However, it was only after centuries of struggles and awareness-raising against inequalities that their rights were finally respected. This collective awareness has allowed the birth of a genuine social revolution . Since then, a particular day has been set to celebrate this global movement that is the fight for women's rights :March 8. Emblematic day:to celebrate, to mark but above all to remember all the progress made for this cause.

A worthwhile cause

“Until gender equality is achieved, we need to celebrate it it is indeed question here of March 8th. A day officialized by the United Nations to commemorate the various feminist movements that have taken place.

From the protests of working class women and suffragettes in the early 20th century to the #metoo movement of recent years, March 8 is a day to take stock. The point on the road to take, an assessment of the path accomplished, this day allows women of all countries, nationalities and cultures to unite for their rights. March 8 is a real global meeting for all those who support equal rights between men and women.

A long and tumultuous history is the origin of this iconic day. A chronicle that goes back to women's demands for the right to vote and better working conditions. Many key dates mark this social revolution. 1910 when the idea of ​​a day dedicated to women was born, 1917 when demonstrations by feminist workers led to the Russian Revolution and even on March 8, 1977 when the UN made this famous day official… Other notable facts mark this long epic for equality, a sign that the cause is worth the commitment.

How to join the movement?

This cause concerns us all . The question of equality, the stakes of the movement, the community impact, this involves all social segments. Feminist or not, conservative or revolutionary, March 8 is a day that unites all women:solidarity for equality! Everyone can contribute to this great humanitarian edifice for a fairer world and society. The cause and the message remain the same:annihilate gender inequalities . However, it is very unclear to determine the means of impacting contribution.

Fortunately, volunteer sites such as inform all those who volunteer for the cause. Various demonstration initiatives are cited on this portal dedicated to Women's Day . Striking demonstrations such as a joint strike for better working conditions or the demand for equal pay are mentioned in particular. Less radical but still impactful actions are also invoked:the wearing of the white ribbon against gender-specific violence, the "girl-cott" of gendered marketing...

The other celebrations for this month

March 8 is undeniably a true global celebration . This day dedicated to women and the fight for equality strongly marks this month announcing the spring. Nevertheless, another day is also celebrated for this month of March.

Even if this is not one of the most commemorated internationally, it remains an occasion for gathering and rejoicing. It's Grandmother's Day . Special day during which our dear ancestors are honored. The first Sunday of March is reserved for this purpose. Despite a rather commercial origin, this day allows us to consider the place of these dear to our hearts. For this year 2021, Grandmother's Day is set for March 7 , the eve of Women's Day.

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