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The choice of SAF soaps &the benefits

And to think that our ancestors had little choice but to use them, we have long shunned them. But what are we talking about?

From our little soap of course, now called cold saponified soap. It must be said that the shower gel had everything to please:practical, it smells good. But we end up with superfluous packaging, a disastrous composition, and an ecological impact that is scary.

But the little soap has not said its last word and many small businesses on a human scale have continued to support them.

What is an “ordinary” hot saponified soap?

In the soap industry, when it is produced in large quantities, hot saponification is used. In principle, manufacturers heat the soap paste up to around 120°C in order to speed up the chemical reaction which is normally quite slow. They are made from mainly palm oil to which are added many synthetic additives:EDTA, propylene glycol, sodium laureth sulfate... The soap is separated from its glycerin (sold to other manufacturers), which causes dryness and itching, allergies or hypersensitivity of the skin.

What is a cold saponified soap?

With cold saponification, the soap paste is not heated, this allows vegetable oils with wonderful qualities to be introduced into the paste and to keep its properties intact. This also allows the introduction of essential oils (heat sensitive), mineral or vegetable pigments, and noble active ingredients.
A cold soap is often “over-fat”, which means that a quantity of vegetable oil has been introduced in excess. And at the end of the reaction, this excess remains in suspension in the soap to the delight of your skin, which will benefit from its nourishing and antioxidant qualities. Last point:the glycerin that forms naturally during the saponification reaction is kept in the cold soap and will moisturize the skin. In short, the cold saponified soap will leave your skin clean, nourished and hydrated. Imagine its benefits when it contains essential oils…

Le jardin de Lilith is an artisanal Lorraine soap factory, located in a small village in Meurthe et Moselle (54). All their products are handcrafted, from cold saponified soaps to the cosmetic range. All are made with organic raw materials. All of their products are certified Vegan, and of course without animal testing. It's a great way to consume more responsibly, ecologically and to support French craftsmanship.

And you, have you adopted cold saponified soaps?

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