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Recycling tip:what to do with used pantyhose?

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used pantyhose!

If, like us, you want to give a second life to everyday accessories and foods in order to reduce waste, wastage and save money, then you are one of the people who are invested and concerned about our environment. There are many usage opportunities that we have found and we would like to share our tips and advice with you. After used tea and coffee and overripe bananas, we're now into pantyhose!

What to do with used pantyhose?

They have served you well and are starting to get old or maybe they are just spun and you think they are good to throw away. Do nothing because this piece of fabric has more than one turn in its nets.

First of all, we can divert this ephemeral accessory for the most fashionistas. Do you like jewelry? Are you losing your rubber bands? Know that there are very good ideas for DIY creations to pick from our blogger friends.

Remember to vary the colors and tinting for example. With the beautiful season coming, pretty fragrant flowers will invade the gardens. Roses, lavender but also plants, bark, citrus skins and spices can be a potpourri that will perfume your cupboards. To do this, start by drying all the ingredients and then use a piece of pantyhose to make a purse that you will close. You are free to add the essential oil of your choice.

Our hairbrushes often need to be cleaned and despite our hard work, there is often hair stuck between the bristles. Which is also a real dust nest. To help you with this tedious task, push a piece of pantyhose over the rods and you will immediately see all the hair coming with it when you remove it.

Are your cushions starting to sag and have lost some of their original shape? Use your pantyhose for padding or to cinch little ones.

And you, what are your tips?