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Organic green tea, a treasure of youth

Tea is of Chinese origin and was imported from China in the 16th century. It is now the most consumed drink in the world before coffee.

The tea with the best properties is undoubtedly ORGANIC Green tea, this month you will find in the BelleauNaturel box an ORGANIC Earl Gray green tea deliciously flavored with Bergamot. Something to wake up to gently this fall.

To have beautiful skin and a fresh complexion, it is not enough just to have a well-established cosmetic routine:mask, exfoliation, cream... Of course, these beauty gestures contribute to it, but you also have to purify yourself from within. Let’s discover in more detail this plant rich in benefits for our health and beauty:

Full of Antioxidant

Antioxidants are essential to fight against free radicals, preserve your heart and blood vessels. Just like chocolate, organic tea contains antioxidants that fight against aging in the body. The antioxidants very present in fresh fruits allow in particular to purify the skin from the inside.

Rich in Vitamins

Tea leaves are rich in vitamins, including vitamin B, E and K.

It is also rich in vitamin C and will give you a boost.

Caries, tartar, oral hygiene

Served at the end of a meal, tea helps to limit cavities and tartar. It is excellent for limiting bacterial proliferation and therefore helps you maintain good oral hygiene thanks to its antibacterial properties. Without forgetting of course to brush your teeth twice a day;)

Its rich fluorine content also strengthens tooth enamel and fights against the appearance of cavities and other mouth ailments.

Cosmetic treatment

The polyphenols present in tea will provide you with collagen and elastin protection, thus helping to fight against the formation of free radicals, cellular aging, and sagging skin.

Soaked on a cotton pad, its astringent properties will tighten the pores of your skin.

The most important thing is also to have fun, know how to vary the tastes and taste flavors from all over the world to travel to the most distant countries. Green, White, Black, Darjeeling, Earl Grey… Indulge your senses and enjoy sweet moments of relaxation.

To enjoy all the benefits of green tea, infuse only 3 minutes in water at a maximum temperature of 70°. Beyond that, it loses a large part of its health benefits and its taste.

Two cups of organic green tea per day are recommended. And what's more, each cup contains only 2 calories... Provided you drink it without sugar and without milk;)