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Say stop to skin problems in 8 tips

It only takes one skin problem for all you see in the mirror. Think you've tried everything? The simplest solutions are sometimes the best. Pimples, dark circles, wrinkles, spots:back to basics to say goodbye to skin with imperfections…. and regain radiant skin!

My number one skin problem is pimples

buttons , there are all shapes and all colors (or almost). At the origin of these undesirables, there is usually a pore that becomes clogged as a result of an overflow of keratin and sebum . When germs get involved, this joyous mess becomes the site of an infection.

To limit the damage to your blemished skin, adopt irreproachable hygiene . Morning and evening, remove make-up and cleanse your face with mild detergents. In this way, you will prevent clogging of your pores and limit the risk of contamination. To go further, see our article on the different types of buttons.

I have problem skin:the case of acne

This is a typical female face skin problem ! No, acne is not just a teenager thing. In adults, the slightest hormonal variation (cycle, pregnancy, menopause) can be enough to cause excessive sebum secretion and hyperkeratosis. From there, it is only a short step for propionibacterium acnes to make its nest…

Acne-prone skin is not to be taken lightly. Here, the best trick to overcome it remains to consult a doctor or a dermatologist . Because yes, acne is not a trivial skin problem:it is a chronic disease . But rest assured, it is possible to cure it, and at any age!

Curious to know more about the causes and solutions to this phenomenon? Go to our file All about acne.

I have blackheads (and I'm tired of them)

Blackheads are characteristic of retentional acne . They are also called “open comedones”. Often lodged on the nose, they correspond to a cluster of impurities that clogs the pore and oxidized on contact with air. It is this chemical reaction that gives it its characteristic black tint.

Above all, do not grind your blackheads, otherwise you will end up with nasty lesions. Instead, make a mask based on absorbent active ingredients , such as coal or clay . They attract greasy residue like magnets. To be done once or twice a week to regain clear skin. Discover all our tips for removing blackheads.

Alert, dilated pores!

Enlarged pores are the first stage towards blackheads and papules or pustules. They swarm on areas of the face where the sebaceous glands are very active:forehead, sides of the nose, chin. Although discreet, they give an irregular relief to our skin . And we would gladly do without it!
A regular exfoliation is the key to overcome this skin problem . It smoothes the skin texture and gradually tightens the pores. Mechanical or chemical exfoliation, everything works! In case of dry skin with a mature tendency, prefer AHA peels. We tell you more here:Smooth skin:how to tighten pores?

My female face skin problem:I shine H24

Shine is an oily skin problem . When the skin secretes too much sebum, it accumulates on the surface of the epidermis and gives a shiny finish. Contrary to popular belief, this excess of lipids does not necessarily lead to pimples. We talk about "fluent seborrhea .

Here, we apply the principle of “overcoming evil with evil”. Does your skin produce too much oil? Now is the time to give it even more from the outside. This will help him regulate his own production. All you have to do is swap your usual facial cleanser for a make-up remover oil . You too, say no to shiny skin.

Redness and company:one skin problem can hide another

Redness is one of the common facial skin problems . Under aggression or strong emotion, blood vessels dilate and the skin reddens. But when we talk about flushes, erythrosis or couperose, it is no longer a question of a benign redness. It's rosacea .

When your redness is confined to the cold season or to transient sensitivity, think of appeasement and protection. Don't go out without a layer of rich moisturizer , which will form an occlusive barrier against wind and external stressors. We tell you everything about facial redness.

I have skin with imperfections such as pigment spots

Problem skin can also be skin prone to hyperpigmentation. The famous brown spots are the result of a poor distribution of melanin , a biological pigment. Senescence, sun exposure and genetics are contributing factors.

To alleviate this skin problem on the face, take a cure of vitamin C in and out . Well known for slowing down the formation of melanin, this cosmetic active ingredient is essential for lightening and evening out the complexion . Avoid high concentrations if you have skin prone to irritation. Read our other tips for removing pigment spots.

I have dark circles and puffiness three feet long

Dark circles and bags under the eyes are the lot of women who lack sleep or are often on screen. It is a blood stagnation and lymphatic tissue sluggishness around the eye contour. Your priority:boost your microcirculation in a localized way.

Have you thought about the facial massage ? Practiced with a gua sha or a roll-on, it promotes the decongestion of puffiness and the attenuation of the purple tint of dark circles. Its effectiveness is based on a mechanical action that is both simple and pleasant. Treat yourself to this ritual once a day . Here we explain how to get rid of dark circles and puffiness.

I don't have problem skin, but rather wrinkles

Every age has its own set of facial skin problems. Wrinkles and fine lines are the result of a slowdown in the activity of fibroblasts . Result:the production of collagen and elastin is rare. Gradually, crow's feet, lion's wrinkles or even nasolabial fold wrinkles deepen.

From the age of thirty, integrate the right anti-aging skincare products into your routine . Our Pure Pulp Neo moisturizer and our Eye Magic eye contour both target aging skin. And this, thanks to an expert combination of firming and antioxidant active ingredients, such as ambiaty and the centella asiatica .
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