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Fuccboi Trend:Bad Boy Fashion

If you mix sportswear style and layering art, then add a hint of nonchalance, you'll get the fuccboi trend, the fashion world's newest fad.

Fuccboi Trend:Bad Boy Fashion

Bad boy look

Its origin dates back to Hood by Air's 2014 fall-winter collection. Shayne Oliver, the brand's artistic director, had decided to present his collection in a clip entitled "Fuccboi". Hood by Air then became the reference brand for the style. Despite its pejorative-sounding name, the style is rapidly gaining popularity. The fuccboi, literally fuck boy, is an infrequent boy. Egocentric, follower of one-night stands and unanswered text messages, he is recognizable by his look that has become cult.

"When you love, you don't count!" Beneath its sloppy appearance, the fuccboi style is a meticulous art. Layering pieces can quickly become bulky when done poorly. A long tank top topped with a cropped sweatshirt is the classic fuccboi combination. We see more and more XXL T-shirts with a big logo worn with leggings hidden under wide shorts. Of course, the pair of sneakers, the centerpiece of the outfit, is always branded. There is no limit to the layers you wear.

The revival of fuccboi As the trend waned at the end of 2015, the fashion world revived it. Several creators have revisited the art of fuccboi like Kanye West in his Yeezy Season 3 collection, dubbed as soon as it was released "Paradise of fuccboi". For her first Fenty X Puma collaboration, singer Rihanna also appropriated the trend, mixed with sportswear aspirations. We can only wish long life to fuccboi fashion!