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Fur or fake fur, dare the hairy coat!

Real or fake fur?

Real fur is warm, durable and of high quality. It is also very expensive, and not in tune with current animal defense concerns. Good news, fake fur is in fashion! If you are sensitive to the animal cause, choose it without hesitation. There are now excellent quality imitations that are almost indistinguishable from real fur. Better, choosing a faux fur coat offers the possibility of various and varied treatments, displaying a wide choice of colors, styles or qualities.

Which fur coat to choose?

Each coat has its own morphology! Fur or fake fur, if you dream of a coat that refines you, avoid volume. Prefer close-cropped or short hair, as well as models covering the hips. Likewise, if you are small and want to grow taller, beware of the length of the coat! Bet on short or mid-length fur jackets.

Once the shape and type of fur of your coat has been chosen, determine the style that you want. Did you choose faux fur? Opt either for the trompe-l'oeil effect, imitating real fur as closely as possible, or for the playful effect of assumed faux fur.

If you are looking for an elegant coat to wear for any occasion, choose plain colors and neutral colors:gray, beige, black, brown, or even white and fawn. For those who consider their coat on the playful side, on the other hand, dare to use colored or patterned coats. Many faux furs feature leopard prints, stripes, or gradients.

How to wear a fur coat?

Offbeat! To avoid the “too much” effect, master the accessories:prefer discreet make-up, avoid too imposing jewelry and wacky shoes. Unless you have mastered fashion perfectly, also leave the look of the belted fur coat, which is particularly complex to assume, on the catwalks. By the way, resolutely keep your evening dresses away from the fur coat, which is too basic.

Fur's best friend? Simply jeans. Black and slim with boots for a feminine style, washed out with trainers for a relaxed style. In the evening, marry without complex your little black dress with your fur coat. As for daring the 1970 silhouette praised by the catwalks, add a pair of velvet slim leather ankle boots with your fur!

How to maintain a fur coat?

Wash stains, let dry and brush regularly. Have your faux fur coat cleaned according to the instructions, hang it carefully, and don't overstuff the pockets. Real fur, on the other hand, generally can't stand being too wet, doesn't clean itself, and doesn't tolerate scent. If there is a problem, consult a dry cleaner or dealer for an appropriate solution.