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The latest fashionable jeans:the slimmy!

What are these hybrid jeans that are coming to the fashion world? The Americans have their mouths full, the Japanese giant Uniqlo is launching a whole range of them, and we don't see at all how exceptional it is, or even we've never heard of it.

Well, the strength of the slimmy is that it is, at first sight, nothing exceptional. It's a bit like the super jeans that go with everyone, those of Four girls and jeans by Ann Brashare that went to the four morphologically very different girlfriends, the magic jeans.

The slimmy is the comfort of straight jeans with a more fitted leg that lengthens and thins, and a more flared ankle that breaks nicely on the shoe. Universal, the slimmy adapts to all morphologies:its high waist lengthens the leg, the narrow and stretchy cut hugs voluptuous shapes such as very slender legs, and the more flared aspect of the ankle refines the general silhouette of the leg .

Nice alternative to rather uncomfortable skinny jeans and not necessarily flattering boyfriend pants! The slimmy is a happy compromise that may seem boring, but which turns out to be surprisingly flattering. Versatile, it gives a slightly vintage look that adds to its charm.

The Japanese giant Uniqlo is also launching a whole range under the name of Slim fit (39.90€) while Levi's is modernizing its classic 501 in 501CT (130€) for a slimmy spirit. there are also more expensive ones:250€ for the Ellis from J Brand, or 270€ for the Phoebe slim from HiM.

But no doubt that the slimmy will soon be democratized in many brands!

Hurry, it will soon be on everyone's ass!