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Chanel Factory 5 Collection

Chanel N° 5 has already regularly reinvented itself and continues to surprise us. To celebrate the centenary of the iconic N° 5 fragrance, the House of Chanel has created an ultra-modern factory:Chanel Factory N° 5.
A special place where the history of the world's most iconic fragrance is the future. meet.

Chanel Factory 5 symbolizes the return of the essence of Gabrielle Chanel's working method and her desire to break through patterns. With this concept, Chanel pays tribute to the first packaging of N° 5, a simple laboratory bottle. A functional object that became luxurious and iconic. Chanel Factory 5 celebrates the fact that the idea of ​​the first bottle is still present and leading. The factory is a place where the legend of N° 5 reinvents itself every day.

Chanel Factory 5 Collection

This new collection only contains N° 5 as an ingredient. Fifteen limited edition products, inspired by everyday objects, with the idea that wearing N° 5 changes our daily lives. This immersive experience can be admired in the largest cities in the world. These pop-up stores take you on a journey around the fifteen products in the limited-edition collection. The Chanel Factory 5 can also be viewed digitally.

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