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Solid shampoo:what are its advantages and how to choose it well?

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to more natural and eco-friendly products. A real star of our bathrooms, solid shampoo is a real alternative to traditional shampoo. Ecological and economical, we explain its benefits while guiding you to the product best suited to your hair structure.

What are the benefits of a natural shampoo?

Economical, ecological and practical, solid shampoo has many advantages, of which here are a few examples!

An economical product

Contrary to what one might think, solid shampoo is particularly economical! And even if its purchase price remains higher, it nevertheless lasts longer than a classic shampoo. For comparison, a solid and organic Pachamamai shampoo is equivalent to two bottles of classic shampoo of 250 ml. In addition, no waste, such as liquid remaining at the bottom of the bottle or too much in the palm of the hand.

A commitment to ecology

Each year, in France, approximately 170 million shampoos are consumed. And today, it is impossible to deny the ecological impact of this packaging on our planet and the environment. This is why it is in your best interest to turn to solid shampoo, which does not need packaging!

In addition, liquid shampoos are largely made up of water, up to 85% on average. And to avoid microbial development, manufacturers use components derived from petrochemicals, which results, among other things, in an increase in water pollution. On the other hand, in the solid and natural version, you will not find any water or harmful agents.

The practical side

Thanks to a compact and often rounded shape, they are easily transportable and space-saving. In addition, depending on the composition, some of your solid shampoos can be used as a shampoo, a conditioner and a mask at the same time. Ultimately, only one product will be needed to make your hair shiny and silky. No more shelves overflowing with products or cluttered travel suitcases! In addition, there is no risk of flight and no chance of it being confiscated at the airport.

How to choose it well?

The most difficult part is certainly finding the best shampoo bar for your hair. However, keep in mind that these difficulties ultimately apply to all types of products. Each hair structure being different depending on the individual, you will have the choice between a natural treatment for men, for dry hair, for normal hair or even, balancing and moisturizing and even for children!

With a range that is growing more and more and the great trend of solid cosmetics, you will therefore have no trouble finding even more specific treatments to moisturize curly hair and fight dandruff! To conclude, and if you are looking for a product in accordance with the protection of the environment and adapted to the well-being of the body, the shampoo in its solid version is a real must in your bathroom. !