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Who is sweet gets… a watch

Just a few more weeks and then it's Sinterklaas again! The gingerbread cookies, chocolate letters and delicious marzipan are already in the store, and you are of course wondering:“What kind of presents should I buy for Sinterklaas again this year!?” Whether you're looking for something to treat yourself to or a gift for someone else, you should consider a watch. After all, we never have enough of them, they are timeless, they come in different price ranges and they are there for everyone! So… those who are sweet don't get any treats, but…. a watch. Here we list the reasons why!

1. It is a practical gift Although we live in the age of technology and smartphones, people still need a watch. Most people don't always have their phone in hand, so it is more convenient to look at a watch than to take the phone out of the bag or pocket. Moreover, people continue to have the habit of looking at their watch.

2. It is an accessory Today, watches are not only practical, but also an accessory that must match an outfit. That means that you have to have watches in different styles and in different colors. Think of sporty models and more elegant models.

3. A watch is more affordable than you think
You may think that a good watch costs a lot of money, but that is no longer the case today. Good quality watches come in different price ranges, and you can make it as cheap or expensive as you want. There are indeed very expensive models on the market, but then you pay more for the brand than for the watch itself.

4. A watch never goes out of style Whatever watch you buy, it never goes out of style. A watch is timeless, and even if it is not worn for a while, it can always be used again.

5. A watch shows you care A watch is a thoughtful gift that will remind the wearer of you every time he or she looks at it. After all, you took the time to pick out a special gift. Moreover, you can also see whether the wearer is happy with it, otherwise the watch would not be worn.