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Things You Didn't Know About the Clitoris

The clitoris is much more than a small knob in the woman's vagina. The clitoris hides like an iceberg under the skin, and until 1998 scientists did not know what it looked like in reality. We've got a list of things you didn't know about the woman's pleasure spot.

It is more than what you see
Everyone would have a much better appreciation of the clitoris if they knew what it looked like.
Although we often think of the clitoris as a small external part of the body, it is actually quite a significant anatomical structure. Of all parts of the clitoris, only the glans is visible and it is usually covered by the clitoral hood. The rest surround the vaginal canal as if giving a big hug.

It's getting hard The clitoris and penis are made of pretty similar things, and basically start out as the same part of the anatomy when you're in the womb, and they don't develop until later in fetal development. So, like a penis, the spongy tissue of the clitoris also swells as blood rushes to it during arousal, tightening around the vagina to prepare for orgasm. Oh, and unlike a penis, it takes a while to go down after you come, unlike a penis which generally loses its erection almost immediately after orgasm – making multiple orgasms much more achievable for humans with clitoris.

It was made just for fun
The clitoris contains 8,000 sensitive nerve endings – double that in the head of a penis – whose sole job is to make you feel good.

But you actually need clitoral stimulation for an orgasm
Never been able to reach orgasm during sex? You're not alone:​​it's been reported that 50-75% of women can have an orgasm only with some clitoral stimulation.

It literally means key
The name 'clitoris' is believed to come from the Greek word for key, which is a fun way to think about something that 'unlocks' pleasure for you.

It goes on and on and on...
A clitoral orgasm can trigger anywhere from 3 to 16 contractions and can last from 10 to 30 seconds – and that doesn't even count for people with multiple orgasms!

Size Matters (Maybe)
The average clit (the exposed part) is about 1.5-2 cm long and a little less than 1 cm wide. One study found that many women who had rarely or never had an orgasm had a clitoris that was on the smaller side of average. Don't think your size is dooming you to fewer orgasms, it will probably take a little more time and attention.

Each clitoris is unique
They come in different shapes and colors, from light pink to black. As varied as your face. If you look at a picture of different vaginas - there are never two that look the same.