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Women of 31 the most beautiful

Women of 31 the most beautiful

In Sex and the City the actresses already said it:'30 is the new 20'. And that turns out to be absolutely true. The British television channel QVC conducted research into 'beauty' among 2000 men and women, who labeled 31-year-old women as the most beautiful.

Forget botox and other plastic surgery, men fall for a natural beauty † According to the respondents, the women's sense of style is also an important point. But most importantly? Confidence. No less than 70 percent of the respondents indicate that they find this decisive when it comes to beauty.

Another plus of getting older:the surveyed ladies indicate that they become less insecure with age and think of themselves as more beautiful † When women reach 31 they seem to be most confident in themselves, men find this attractive again. Beauty is therefore mainly between the ears.

Or how Sue Leeson from QVC put it nicely:'This research shows what we have suspected for a long time. True beauty is a combination ofconfidence, style and personality † So it's not just appearance that counts.' So there's no need to be afraid of getting older.