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Makeover:work on your image to regain self-confidence

Changing your style before a job interview, cutting your hair after a breakup, needing to regain confidence in itself after childbirth... Benefiting from a makeover can be decisive and very beneficial at a pivotal stage in our lives, but not only!

Physical changes to pass a milestone, we have all experienced them. For some, changing your look is something complicated. Especially because it is difficult to know what makes us stand out. Anyway, the makeover is an opportunity to seize to reclaim your image and be fully aware of your potential !

The makeover, what exactly is it?

A makeover is not simply emptying your closet completely to fill it the next day with a hundred new clothes and accessories on a whim. Nor is it to heat up your credit card on the pretext of not having bought anything for months. No, a makeover is much deeper than that .

Who is the makeover for?

Absolutely anyone can choose to get a makeover . Women like men. Young and old alike. But they all have one thing in common:the need to regain fundamental self-confidence .

Indeed, in addition to intellectual skills, our professional and personal situation, it is the look that we wear that contributes to the perception that the 'we have our own .

So it's important to please yourself and be comfortable with their physical appearance . And paying attention to your hairstyle, your make-up or your dress is by no means superficial.

However, while some manage to makeover on their own, thus boosting their self-confidence, for others, the exercise is much more complicated. In this sense, the makeover is also and above all for those who have let go of the thread of fashion years ago and who no longer understand anything about today's fashion trends. For those who don't know where to start. To those who have often changed morphology . For those who don't dare to go it alone.

How does it work?

The makeover is led by an image consultant . After long exchanges to learn more about the lifestyle (and the style in general) of the person to be relooked, he or she will analyze his morphology to bring him the look that will highlight him. The colorimetry will also be studied, to identify the colors to favor on the client. Then you have to let go and trust.

Different methods are adopted depending on the advisor and the client . The image consultant can first go to the person to makeover to do a "detox" of their dressing room . He can then take it to shops that he has identified beforehand, in order to find the missing pieces necessary for the constitution of a wardrobe adapted to the needs of the customer, we then speak of personal shopping.

But the makeover doesn't stop at the dress code . He continues at the hairdresser and make-up artist, where self-makeup courses are sometimes provided to successfully repeat the exercise at home. After these intense few hours or days, everything will seem easier for the client, in full physical and mental transformation!

Some specialists also offer diction and sign language coaching . Because in the end, a makeover is above all coaching in personal development.

And then what do we do?

And then you have to continue. During the sessions, the professionals give advice on how to continue taking care of yourself on a daily basis . Make-up advice here, hair advice there. And clothing advice too, of course. And these tips must be taken and used on a daily basis.

Some image consultants also take care of after-sales service (literally after-sales service). They then continue to follow their customer by sending him e-mails, photos of shopping selections, etc. The customer can also contact him if he has any questions or doubts.

What budget for a makeover?

The budget for a makeover will be different depending on the city where it is made (the price will not be the same in the countryside as in the capital), the image consultant, and the missions requested.

A simple image review costs on average 200 euros, for a duration of 3 hours. A wardrobe detox at the client's home costs on average 300 euros for 3 hours of maintenance. Various packages can also be offered. A colorimetry package lasting one hour, a morpho-face package. But also a "self-confidence package or "looking for a job".

And for the complete makeover , there, you have to open the wallet. It costs more than 500 euros for a total makeover, including style analysis, a make-up course, hairdressing and two hours of shopping. But that's not counting all the savings you'll make afterwards thanks to the makeover, because at the end of the sessions, your purchases will be much wiser and nothing will be left to chance. Many restyled people opt for the right "less is more" attitude, buying only certain specific and strategic pieces. No more useless cupboard purchases , and the crazy sums spent because we have the impression that nothing suits us and that we have nothing to wear.