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The Split Pant:the pants that will be all the rage this year

New addition to the summer 2020 ready-to-wear collections, the "split pant “has not finished talking about him. These tailored pants are the chic pants par excellence with their split hem on the front of the ankle .

Where does this trend come from?

The Split Pants is a trendy cut of pants launched by Victoria Beckam, former star of the 90s with her group the Spice Girls is now a respected designer in the world of haute couture.

It was during her fall-winter 2019 show that the trend was spotted.

An all-new style of high-waisted pants halfway between the comfy look of leggings and the snug fit of tailored pants. So far nothing new, but a discreet detail makes all the difference and brings an ultra-sophisticated couture touch:a split hem on the front of the ankle about ten centimeters.

Fashion influencers and bloggers immediately embraced the trend with taste. Most stayed on the classic black version of the pants, sober and chic. It is by combining them with essential and refined fashion pieces such as a beautiful blouse with balloon sleeves or a transparent top that the look becomes interesting.

It was enough for major fashion stores to adopt the trend of slit hem pants .

How to wear the split pant?

For an ultra-chic effect, we definitely recommend heels. On the one hand your pants may drag on the floor if you have small legs and on the other hand your outfit will be immediately more sophisticated.

Some fashionistas come up with split-hem pants looks with sneakers and do pretty well, so it's not incompatible.

  • If you have chosen black pants, dare the color on the upper body! You can afford anything:from an oversized sweater to a white shirt.
  • If you're going to a fancy party, you'll make a splash with colored split pants naked. Pair it with a refined top in white lace or slightly transparent and accompany it with a pair of cream pumps with thin straps. Don't forget the clutch to enhance your outfit!
  • If you like chic streetwear or sportswear looks, you can also wear your slit pants with ultra-trendy chunky-soled sneakers.
  • If you like rock looks, wear a grunge T-shirt under a suit jacket with colored pumps.

The most seasoned can dare the suit trend for a look with a sought-after look.

Finally, denim addicts can be happy because denim has already begun to take hold of the phenomenon by offering ultra avant-garde split cuts.