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Create a relaxing space at home!

Having a relaxation area at home is undoubtedly a great privilege, especially after a long day at work. Do you want to relax to regain your form and morale after a hard day? You are spoiled for choice, from the spa to the hammam, via the essential oil capsule system or even the whirlpool bath. All you need is a few adjustments in your bathroom and you're done! Discover our tips for creating a personal relaxation corner at home!

An essential oil capsule system for well-being

To give you a moment of pleasure and relaxation at any time, choose the system of essential oil capsules. It is an innovative diffusion device to install in your bathroom and which allows you to use essential oils in the water of your shower very easily to grant you a time of relaxation and care. All you have to do is place the diffuser, which ensures the perfect mixing and dosage of essential oils in the water as well as their projection all over your body.

Note that the use of this system does not require any layout of your bathroom , nor great works. Installing it is child's play!

Note that essential oils provide multiple benefits, both for the body and the mind, and transport you to an enchanting atmosphere .

Install a hammam at home for optimal relaxation

Know that the hammam can also be invited into your interior so that you can relax at any time. Coming from an eastern tradition, the wet steam bath brings various benefits to the skin and has purifying effects, favorable to health thanks in particular to the combined effect of humidity and heat. The hammam releases the sinuses, relaxes the muscles and improves breathing.

Build a sauna or spa to relax

Dry steam bath from a thousand-year-old tradition, the sauna is also an excellent alternative for relaxing at home , just like the spa. No need to go to a thermal establishment or a luxury hotel!

Know that the spa combines the benefits of the whirlpool and the heat of the water to provide you with an optimal feeling of well-being. Having a spa session can strengthen the immune system, fight against stress, improve the circulatory system, tone the skin by eliminating toxins, etc.

Equip yourself with a whirlpool bath device to improve your health

Whirlpool baths also provide well-being thanks to sea water and pressurized water jets which produce massaging effects. You can transform your bathroom by installing this device to enjoy a cocooning moment. Be aware, however, that unlike the essential oil diffuser, some work must be done.

Hot tubs provide many health benefits. It is a piece of equipment with therapeutic functions, used in particular during thalassotherapy and balneotherapy cures.

Taking a whirlpool bath improves blood and lymphatic circulation and, therefore, fights against heavy legs, edema and vascular diseases, but also against cellulite.

This type of device also makes it possible to detoxify the body thanks to its draining effects and fight against stress and anxiety thanks to its relaxing properties.